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New York Yankees trade baseball victories for — the UN Climate Agreement – Become 1st major sports team to sign on to UN Sports for Climate Action Framework By Monica Showalter They’re not winning many baseball games, so the New York Yankees have decided that virtue-signaling is the next-best thing. Get a load of this stupidity from whoever it is now running the Bronx Bombers:   View image on Twitter New York Yankees ✔@Yankees Today, the Yankees became the 1st major North American sports team to […]

Analysis: Eugenics and global warming BY YEN MAKABENTA FILIPINOS should not dismiss outright the connection that scientists and scholars have drawn between the theories of global warming and eugenics, a subject which I briefly discussed in my column, “Catastrophe: Green New Deal crashes in US Senate” (Manila Times, March 31, 2019). “The White Man’s Burden,” the infamous poem of […]

Scientists Document No Clear Warming Role For CO2 During The Last Deglaciation – Or The Last 10,000 Years By Kenneth Richard on 4. April 2019 A new paper indicates the rise in CO2 concentration occurred well after the Northern Hemisphere’s ocean circulation changes drove the abrupt warming (~11,700 years ago) that ended the last ice age – a lag that effectively leaves no causal role for CO2 during deglaciation. Image Source: Muschitiello et al., 2019 Ice […]

New Paper Finds Oceans Are Source Of ‘Natural Variability’, Drive ‘Temperature Extreme Indices’ A new paper published in the Journal of Weather and Climate Extremes by Dittus et al confirms what many skeptics has strongly suspected all along: There’s no trend in precipitation extremes and there isn’t much predictability either. Hat-tip: Reader Mary Brown.   What follows is the paper’s abstract: The oceans are a well-known source of natural variability in the […]