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Watch: Morano on TV, explains why the 97% climate scientist statistic is false and ridiculous

There are certain issues for which leftists often invoke the magic label of “science” in order to shut down debate. From abortion to evolution to socialism itself, progressives love to pretend to be the party of science by throwing out “facts” and instantly doing a mic drop.

But there’s no other topic for which leftists invoke their higher scientific understanding than climate change. If you don’t believe that man is responsible for the changes in the weather, you might as well declare leeches are the best way to clean the blood of sick people because you’re going to be labeled anti-science by leftists either way.

Marc Morano, founder of Climate Depot, went on One America News with Liz Wheeler tonight to discuss the oft-quoted lie that 97% of climate scientists agree global warming is man-made. In this short video, he lays out the truth.