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Watch: Morano on Canadian TV: ‘Medieval clerics’ of green movement impose ‘sin tax’ on meat On Friday’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, I was joined by Marc Morano of to talk about some breaking “global warming” stories including a green MP in the UK calling on Parliament to impose a tax on meat to cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce climate change. The idea of going after meat consumption in the name of the planet has […]

EPA Whistle-blower Dr. Alan Carlin: ‘Urgent Need for a Formal Reevaluation of Climate Alarmist Scam Science’ – CO2 has no significant effect on temperatures’ Alan Carlin | January 11, 2019 I have been interested in whether climate alarmism is based on valid science for almost a decade, and have long held that it is not (see here and here). In the last few years the literature has blossomed with more and more serious damning studies from a climate alarmist viewpoint. Two weeks […]

Study: Hurricanes: ‘It’s Better Than We Thought’ – ‘Simply no increase’ in global hurricane activity Full study here: Hurricanes: It’s Better Than We Thought “Simply no increase” in hurricane activity around the world London 13 January:   A new paper from the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) reveals that there has been no increase in global hurricane activity, despite frequent claims that global warming is making hurricanes more of a problem. As the […]