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Millions Of Americans Choose ‘Global Warming’ & Move To Warmer Climate – ‘Hottest states in USA had biggest gains in population’ Environmentalism: A new Census report shows that this year, the hottest states in the country had the biggest gains in population. Haven’t these people been listening to decades of warnings from climate change scientists about the myriad hazards of a warmer climate? Climate scientists have been endlessly shouting that a slightly warmer planet will unleash […]

Dangerous rules added to Paris Climate Accord at UN climate summit By David Wojick|December 20th, 2018 Buried in the 133 pages of gobbledygook agreed to at last week’s UN climate summit are two very dangerous provisions. These greatly advance the green cause known as “loss and damage.” This is where the green goal is for the developed countries like America to pay for all of the […]

DEMOCRATIC ‘NEW GREEN DEAL’ IS JUST ANOTHER WAY OF SAYING NEW TAXES By John Kartch – Americans for Tax Reform As they assume control of the House, Democrats are pushing a carbon tax as part of a “Green New Deal.” A carbon tax means new hard power for the federal government. It means more taxpayer money flowing to Washington. It means everything will cost more. This […]

UN IPCC’s Special Report Slammed By Eminent Climate Scientist – IPCC lacks ‘scientific rigor…significant deficiencies’ By Paul Homewood The significance of this new GWPF report by Prof Ray Bates of the Meteorology and Climate Centre at University College Dublin cannot really be overstated: GWPF Briefing 36 This is the press release: London, 20 December: One of Europe’s most eminent climate scientists has documented the main scientific reasons why the […]

UK Paper Claims ‘Pause’ Never Happened – Satellite data says otherwise The Daily Mail says: Global warming is WORSE than we thought because the famous ‘pause’ between 1995 and 2013 never happened, claim experts The UAH satellite data says otherwise. Of course there are many global temperature sets and most have eradicated the pause. But even the IPCC discussed “the pause” back in 2013. And the Daily Mail wrote about […]

Study: ‘Global warming’ causing ‘feminisation’ of turtles – Claim: Up to 93% of hatchlings could be female by 2100 LONDON: Up to 93 per cent of green turtle hatchlings could be female by 2100, as climate change causes “feminisation” of the species, according to a study. The sex of turtle hatchlings is determined by temperature, and at present about 52 per cent of hatching green turtles — one of seven species of sea […]

Morano: ‘Global warming’ is merely the latest environmental scare with the same centralized ‘solutions’ “Since the 1960s, the environmental left has had the same solutions regardless of the current environmental scare of the day,” Marc Morano, publisher of the Climate Depot website, a former Republican political aide, and author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change, told The New American. “The solution is global governance, central planning, […]