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Skeptics take the stage at Poland event: Morano: ‘The biggest threat to Poland today comes from the UN climate conference’

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December 12, 2018

(Google auto-translated)

Gliwice, Poland — The UN is a political organization that uses scientists for its own purposes. They do not want climate change, they want even more control. (…) the biggest threat to Poland today comes from the Katowice conference – said Marc Morano, a former politcal aide of the Republican Party, during the session entitled “What policy for climate change is good for Poland?”, Held in Gliwice. (Background of event here: DISCUSSION ABOUT CLIMATE POLICY IN GLIWICE

The speakers presented various visions of the shape of the Polish power industry in the context of climate change today.

– This year we are experiencing the next anniversary of the unfulfilled prophecy of Al Gore, who, after receiving the Nobel Prize for Peace, predicted that by 2014 the poles would melt and fossil fuels would soon be over. (…) Today we belong to the countries that are least dependent on energy supply in the EU and someone wants to change it – said Dr. Tomasz Teluk, president of the Globalization Institute Foundation, the organizer of the conference.

– I am appalled at the huge idea of the so-called global warming, which is a consequence of human activities, seems to be accepted by the whole society. I do not know how to teach people how to look at it today – said Dr. Walt Cunnigham, an astronaut, a former member of the Apollo 7 mission through Skype . – Society is not even interested in looking for data about what is really happening. Many other phenomena affect the current temperature change. Few realize how little human influence affects everything. Nobody is bothered by the fact that the sea level and temperature is the lowest since 6 million years – he said.

Craig Rucker, president of the pro-environmental CFACT pro-democracy organization in Washington, DC, pointed to two factors by which the United Nations tries to govern the fate of nations. The first is global warming, the second is the so-called sustainable development. – Who is this “diabolical force” that destroys the entire planet? He is a man! (…). They want to ban meat, prohibit the use of plastic or use cars. They also want to keep all the things that they think are polluting the planet. Zero mine, zero coal, zero cutting trees – pointed to the strategy of ecologists. – In fact, the free market and population growth goes hand in hand with reducing pollution. It is enough to look at how the Eastern bloc countries were polluted. Our future is very clear as long as we take the course on economic freedom and developing technologies – he added.

Marc Morano pointed out that Canada and France today are engulfing mass protests related to the introduction of the climate agenda, and a few years ago these countries were leaders in the introduction of “green politics”. – The biggest threat to Poland today is from the Katowice conference – he stressed.

– The UN says that 97 per cent of scientists agree on views on climate change. This is a lie. They will want to convince you that Polish coal mines are destroying the planet – do not believe them. The United Nations will say that it has the best  scientific institution – it is also a lie. They are a political organization that is masquarading as a scientific insitutions. They do not want to change the climate, they want even more control – he analyzed the policy of the United Nations.

– There is a gentleman, an older gentleman who is called Paul Ehrlich, who claims that the world’s population must fall to only one billion. Well, but who should I start with? That is the question! – Stanisław Michalkiewicz ironied. – The second problem is how to carry out this operation? (…) It will require strict control of sexual life – he added.

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