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Climate Depot’s Morano profiled in Sweden’s largest newspaper – ‘Morano is today an echo of his own president. It has made life much more fun’


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“For us conservatives, Trump is a better president than Reagan”

Sweden’s largest newspaper Dagens Nyheter – PUBLISHED December 9, 2018
Marc Morano has his office in the center of power in Washington.
By Björn af Kleen

Marc Morano has his office in the center of power in Washington. Photo: Alex Wroblewski

The climate meeting as it is going on in Katowice also attracts denials. The American Marc Morano has tried to disprove the researchers for over a decade.

Now, under President Trump, he has more fun than for a long time.

DN’s Björn van Kleen meets the influential lobbyist in Washington DC before leaving for Poland.

To Marrakech, where the UN held a climate summit in November 2016, Marc Morano arrived with a document shredder.

He brought a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump of natural size parked outside the building where politicians and researchers met.

Morano took on a red Trump cap and handed out paper copies of the Paris agreement.

– Let’s make the science big again. Let’s make US energy policy big again, he said, and let the shattering out of the clauses of the Paris Agreement, the politicians and researchers tried to refine the conference.

Marc Morano, who soon escorted from the scene of guards, is one of America’s most creative climate defectors.

I meet him at an office on Pennsylvania Avenue, a stone’s throw from the White House in central Washington DC.

He wears a nighty suit, boots and exudes the same airy mouthwash as Michael Moore, even though his ideology is straight-forward.

In the documentary “Climate Hustle”, in the book “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change” and on the website “Climate Depot”, Marc Morano tries to hit the “climate bomb”.

Scientists who warn of global warming are, in fact, looking for a world government to intrude upon sovereignty of individual states, to seduce people and businesses, he says.

“They want a superstate where you have to go to the UN as a single citizen if you want to cut down trees on one’s own backyard. Nancy Pelosi (Democrat leaders in the House of Representatives) says openly that we need to establish a complete inventory of our lives to fight global warming. They do not want sovereign nations without an international government and that is what Americans and Trump oppose.

During the climate summit in Paris 2015 , protesters stamped posters of Morano’s face on lamp posts with the text “climate criminals”. See: Will he do perp walk?! Morano ‘WANTED’ posters for being a ‘Climate Criminal’ go up in Paris on eve of ‘Climate Hustle’ premiere

“The best thing about Trump leaving the Paris agreement was that he showed that it was possible to all,” said Marc Morano. You can stand up to the media, academy, Hollywood and Democrats. You can stand up and say, “We are leaving!” It gives other countries an opportunity to exit as well. I hope it triggers a Clexit, (a climate exit from the UN Paris pact). Brazil is perhaps on its way, Australia has talked about it and who knows what Britain intends to do. My hope is that the UN’s entire climate establishment ends up in the dustbin of history.

Morano’s dissent is funded by the lobby committee “Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow” (CFACT).

The group was founded in 1985 with the ambition to spread “market-based solutions” in the climate issue. According to CFACT, humans have nothing to do with global warming. The Earth’s climate is constantly changing. The “real danger”, according to CFACT, is political ideas based on “man can control or prevent climate change”, for example by regulating industrial emissions.

Morano says that CFACT is 90 percent financed by grass roots contributions. But the group has also received the equivalent of millions of kronor from ExxonMobile , the oil and gas giant, which for 10 years was ruled by Rex Tillerson, Trump’s former Foreign Minister. The oil company Chevron has also contributed to the Koch brothers, mining and chemical industry miners spending almost $ 900 million on conservative candidates in the presidential and congressional elections in 2016.

Marc Morano accelerated his climate project when he worked as a communications officer for James Inhofe, a 84-year-old senator from the Oklahoma state.

Inhofea , member of the Senate Environment Committee , is one of Congress’s most passionate climate detectives.

In 2010, Inhofe made an igloo outside Kapitolium in Washington DC, which he named “Al Gore’s new home”. A sign urged bypass cars to “wonder if you love global warming”. In March 2015, Inhofe hugged a snowball and threw on the senate carpet to emphasize that 2014 could not possibly be the warmest year so far, as several authorities perceived that it was. The misunderstanding – that temporary colds would counteract global warming – shares Inhofe with President Trump, who last November in twittrade : “What happened to global warming?” This is the case with the cold-weather thanksgiving weekend.

Inhofe was one of 22 Republican senators who in 2017 called on Trump to withdraw from the Paris agreement when the president hesitated under the pressure of counselors and family members. The 22 senators who signed the letter to Trump had jointly received more than $ 100 million in campaign contributions from the oil, gas and coal industry, according to The Guardian’s summary .

When Morano worked for James Inhofe, Andrew Wheeler was in the senator’s staff. Wheeler is a long-standing opponent of industrial regulations and today acting director of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Environmental Authority Donald Trump, attempted to repel a lobbying agency for the emissions industry.

The EPA was founded in 1970 by then Richard Nixon, in part to try to limit human harm to nature. During Trump’s time in the White House, the EPA has removed references to the climate crisis from parts of its documents and limited theavailability of information on global warming on its website.

Marc Morano’s former colleagues belong to the power-bearing layer of today’s Washington DC. If Morano used to be a mocker at the political margins, he is today an echo of his own president. It has made life much more fun.

“That’s why I love Trump so much,” says Morano. He has restored this movement. For us climate skeptics.  Trump is a better president than Ronald Reagan. It does not matter if he only has a term of office — he has managed to show the Republican Party how to stand up for the media and political establishment.

Trump is a changeable politician. But his resistance to international settlements, such as climate agreements, has been consistent, “says Morano.

“He is not an opportunist in that regard. Go back to the interview that Trump gave Oprah Winfrey in 1988. He then looks at the world from a nationalist perspective. He never wanted to be part of any UN treaty.

Morano refers to John Trump (1907-85), the uncle of the president and an outstanding physics professor attached to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The family did not know about the climate, but Trump often says he inherited insights from the father brother who made him a qualified assessor of, for example, global warming: “I have a natural instinct for science,” says Trump. Uncle John was a friend of the physicist William Happer, a 79-year-old skeptic at Princeton who was recently proclaimed Presidential Advisor in the field of “new technologies”.

“Happer’s attitude is that the world needs more carbon dioxide. I wish he served as Trump’s scientific tsar, “said Morano, referring to the word” tsar “on government specialists recruited to solve difficult issues, such as drug crisis or the decline in the automotive industry.

Just ten years ago , Morano was more courageous. The climate crisis had not yet been processed into a party issue in the United States. In 2006, Al Gore, Vice President of Bill Clinton, made international success with the climate documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”. The following year, Gore and the UN Climate Panel of the IPCC shared the Nobel Peace Prize.

In a Morano portrait of the Esquire magazine from 2010, the climate crisis is described as an American consensus issue: 84 percent of Americans considered global warming as a threat; The only thing one more agreed on was the existence of God, writes Esquire. When Morano started working for Senator Inhofe, it was still politically risky to oppose the climate crisis, he says.

“Even republicans who represented oil interests in Congress had difficulty in saying,” says Morano. I met people who said, “Ah, we saw Al Gore’s movies and there are really no arguments left”. The senator himself had wanted to take the battle against climate closure for years, but his staff did not dare. When I boarded, there were several senior employees who were worried that fighting against the climate would jeopardize their opportunity to get jobs in the future. They were afraid to be dismissed as ground-is-flat-grobianer.

“Climategate” in Britain gave Morano an opening. In the autumn of 2009, climate scientist Philip Jones was exposed to the University of East Anglia in Norwich for a computer breach. The hackers published a comprehensive email correspondence between Jones and other researchers who would demonstrate unscientific methods and approaches to climate research. The professor and author Michael Mann, whose emails occurred in the scandal, call Climategate for the “most well-organized, cynical and effective disinformation campaign” so far in climatic contexts. (In the book “The Madhouse Effect.” How Climate Change Denial Is Threatening Our Planet, Destroying Our Politics, And Driving Us Crazy “From 2016.)

Climategate sowed skepticism before the summit in Copenhagen in December 2009. In the United States, Republican politicians began to doubt. Morano says that John McCain and Lindsey Graham, two Republican heavyweights, backed a cross-border bill in the area. Trump, says Morano, warned that Al Gore should be forced to return his Nobel Prize. In the wake of Climategate, Morano began to attack journalists who reported on the climate crisis.

“We did what Trump did before Trump became famous,” he says. We were not just looking for profiling researchers who presented divergent facts, but we attacked individual reporters who wrote the question, by name, media companies and examples. I got a lot of crap for it: “You’re crazy, you can not target journalists.”

In a report stamped with the Senate seal, James Inhofe, Moranos chief, presented 750 “dissidents” – researchers and others who had divergent views on the climate issue. It was effective, according to Morano. In his book, he quotes the survey company Gallup, who found that the increasing disturbance of the media’s global warming reporting goes hand in hand with Republican’s doubts on the issue.

Attacking journalists pays off. Over the ten years passed since Climategate, more and more Republican voters seem to have begun to hesitate. In March 2018, only 35 percent of respondents responded that they believe that the warming is caused by man, a decrease from 41 percent the year before, according to Gallup. Morano remembers the reaction report was first published in December 2007.

– Common Americans began to call as mad to the Senate: “Thank you! Thanks! Thanks! Thank you for striking back to Al Gore and the media. We knew there was another side of the case. ” This triggered a wave that changed the Republican party, but also Fox News. Program leader like Bill O’Reilly began citing climate creators in their programs.We changed the whole debate and I was actually the chief architect behind it.

What was what made people so happy?

“Every day they had listened to Al Gore’s message, completely unmoticed. Oprah Winfrey called Gore for today’s Noah (after the biblical figure that saved the world’s animals). Gore was the perfect spokesman for the other side, because he was the face of the Democrats, the media and Hollywood. In the long run, republicans could not support Gore, it just did not work. Even if we really had a climate crisis, you would not want to have Al Gore as its spokesperson.

At least one professor listed in Morano’s report later requested to be removed, according to the New York Times, and at least one weather reporter got his title upgraded to meteorologist.

When I meet Morano , the community of Paradise in northern California is about to be wiped out in the worst fire in the state’s history. Like dogs crave human beings in the ash, and anthropologists are trying to identify bodies based on grilled bones. In the New Yorker magazine, the academician and activist Bill McKibben puts the tragedy in context: throughout the world, elevated temperatures have harvested human life during the summer. In July, more than 70 people died in a heat wave in Canadian Montreal. Death Valley, a nation in Mojave Desert in Southern California, simultaneously recorded the hottest month ever on our planet.

But Morano does not see any pattern in recent years’ extreme weather. The evidence that man is behind global warming is, according to him, “thin on the verge of non existent”; a statement that directly contradicts the fresh report from 13 US government departments.

Will your fight against climate scientists become more difficult when people die around you in climate-related disasters?

– Are you trying to make climate scientists responsible for these deaths? That’s what California governor Jerry Brown tries. No, what worries me is people who think that you can cure the climate with witchcraft, with regulations and carbon taxes.

Are you ever worried about ending on the wrong side of the story?

– No, for this is the thing: even if we skeptics would be wrong about the alleged climate crisis, the solutions presented by the other side would have no impact. They are the result of virtue signaling. We believe in technological progress and economic growth. And I’ve never had a mistake because I do not make predictions. There are skeptics who go out and predict a global cooling down. I have no idea what the climate will do because hundreds of factors are interacting.

In an article published in January 2016, Morano listed his hopes for Trump. The president is on track to pay the bill: roll back all EPA climate regulations and pull the United States out of the Paris agreement, wrote Morano. Who also wants the United States to eliminate all funding of the United Nations climate panel and “begin to shed carbon dioxide”.

“Trump has enabled coal mines to reopen and for new oil drilling projects to accelerate. He has created an American Energy Fair, which explains that we have the best economy in 50 years, even CNN agrees. It must be short-term but it’s still a great thing to experience. No other Republican president had dared to do what he had done.

In New York , Bill McKibben writes that industrial lobbyists who had Trump leave the Paris agreement succeeded in slowing down US action at exactly the moment the work was forced to hurry. The result: a single country’s policy for half a century will change the geological development of the Earth for the foreseeable future.

For ten years, the climate denial – or “skepticism” with Morano’s words – has been rooted in the Republican party. Morano does not worry about any swift turning. On the other hand, he wishes that someone from the Trump administration would get up and take the debate to the research community.

– The Trump administration predominantly addresses the climate issue solely based on economic costs and doesn’t challenge the science. There is also a need for solid science threats pushing back on the research front. It’s too quiet right now. The effect is that the media, activists and the UN attack Donald Trump on climate without anyone in the Administration fighting back on the science. Which is shameful.