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Study: Ocean circulation in North Atlantic at weakest for 1,500 years and could trigger an Ice Age Researchers have discovered that water in the North Atlantic has ‘dramatically weakened.’ The study shows the levels are at their lowest of for 1,500 years – and climate change is to blame. Researchers warn the currents will have a ‘profound effect’ on both the North American and European climate. Scroll down for video +3

Parisians are now rioting against the Paris climate accords Parisians are now rioting against the Paris climate accords by Tiana Lowe | November 26, 2018 02:51 PM In France all hell is breaking loose. Parisians, who live in the city of the climate accords that were supposed to save us all, are rioting. More than a quarter million protesters have taken to the […]

Bravo! Trump on govt climate warning: ‘I don’t believe it’

Trump on govt climate warning: ‘I don’t believe it’… Trump on his government’s climate warning: ‘I don’t believe it’ President Trump on Monday dismissed one of the major conclusions of his own administration’s comprehensive report on climate change. “I’ve seen it. I’ve read some of it. And it’s fine,” he said. But asked about […]

Science group rips new fed climate report: ‘Based on speculation, not hard evidence’ – ‘Vague and unsubstantiated’

The Science & Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) November 24, 2018 USGCRP (US Global Change Research Program) Prophecies: On November 23, the US Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) released the second volume of its two-part series on human-caused global warming. The first volume. the “Climate Science Special Report (CSSR)” supposedly discussed the physical science but was largely confined […]

Climate analyst on fed climate report: ‘Cherry picks’ a few bad weather events…extrapolates using the most scary scenarios’ By Paul Homewood This latest Federal Climate Report follows the same pattern as previous ones. Cherry pick a few bad weather events, ignore all of the bad weather which did not happen, and extrapolate the lot using the most scary scenarios. Last year, they issued the “Climate Science Special Report”, which basically summed […]

Climatologist Dr. Pat Michaels on new fed climate report: ‘Systematically flawed’ – Report ‘should be shelved’

Michaels Full PDF review: Assessment Comment PJMJan31FINAL COMMENTS ON THE FOURTH NATIONAL CLIMATE  ASSESSMENT Patrick J. Michaels Director, Center for the Study of Science Cato Institute Washington DC 20001 Introduction and Plain Language Summary The draft fourth “National Assessment” (“NA4”) of climate change impacts is systematically flawed and requires a complete revision. NA4 uses a […]

HEADLINE CLAIM IN FED CLIMATE REPORT RELIES ON RESEARCH TIED TO MAJOR DEMOCRATIC DONORS By MICHAEL BASTASCH A top-line claim in the latest U.S. government climate report is based on research funded by groups tied to Democratic donors. The new National Climate Assessment claims the U.S. economy could take a 10 percent hit from global warming. However, that claim is based on research funded by groups founded by Tom […]

BBC: Climate change could be causing miscarriages in Bangladesh In small villages along the eastern coast of Bangladesh, researchers have noticed an unexpectedly high rate of miscarriage. As they investigated further, scientists reached the conclusion that climate change might be to blame. Journalist Susannah Savage went into these communities to find out more. “Girls are better than boys,” says 30-year-old Al-Munnahar. “Boys do […]