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Buried? Feds to release major climate report day after Thanksgiving The federal government will release a major climate change report – Volume II of the National Climate Assessment – on Black Friday, typically one of the slowest news days of the year. “It’s an absolute disgrace to bury the truth about climate impacts in a year that saw hundreds of Americans die during devastating […]

STUDY: The 467 hazards of climate change – By several lead authors of UN IPCC Review finds cumulative effect of multiple threats may overwhelm large-scale systems by the end of the century. Nick Carne reports. Sao Paulo in Brazil faces five concurrent climate crises, research suggests. Society faces a much greater threat from climate change than anyone has previously suggested, according to a new report that attempts to assess […]

New Brazilian Foreign Minister: Climate Change is a Plot by ‘Cultural Marxists’ to promote growth of China

Excerpt: believes climate change is part of a plot by “cultural Marxists” to stifle western economies and promote the growth of China. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro (left) and Foreign MInister Ernesto Araújo. President By Alan Santos/PR –, CC BY 2.0, Link. Foreign minister by Por Fonte, Conteúdo restrito, Hiperligação Guest essay by Eric […]

SKEPTIC CLIMATE SCIENTISTS GATHER FOR CONFERENCE IN GERMANY BEFORE U.N. MEETING Scientists from around the world will look at latest climate data, analyze policy implications of embracing U.N. Diktats MUNICH, Germany (November 21, 2018) – More than a dozen prominent scientists will be presenting evidence Friday and Saturday casting doubt on the United Nations’ assertion that human activity is causing a global warming crisis. The […]

CNN: Coldest Thanksgiving in over a century for millions – plus traffic troubles CNN: NORTHEAST: It’s going to be a brutally cold day in the Northeast. Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington will all likely see their coldest Thanksgiving morning in nearly a century. New York may even see its coldest low temperature for the holiday since weather records have been kept in Central Park. In 1901 and […]

Warmist Meteorologist: ‘Global Warming’ Was ‘Clearly’ Not A Significant Factor in California’s Camp Fire By Meteorologist Cliff Mass The Camp Fire that struck the northern California town of Paradise and vicinity is a profoundly disturbing environmental disaster of first magnitude.  Nearly 100 people have lost their lives, approximately 10,000 homes have been lost, a major community has essentially been destroyed, and millions of people have been exposed to […]