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Was South Park ‘Apology’ to Al Gore for ‘ManBearPig Episodes’ a Joke?

By James Delingpole

Then again, it could just be another example of a phenomenon that has featured quite a lot in South Park over the years and which left-wing journalists often have trouble appreciating: a joke.

The ‘apology’ appeared in the most recent episode of South Park. ManBearPig returns for another rampage and the kids realize that the threat is real and only Al Gore can save them. But Al Gore – wearing his Nobel prize medal and a cape – is embittered and unforgiving and would rather be playing Red Dead Redemption. He only relents after Cartman, Stan and Kyle grovelingly apologize for having ever doubted him.

If South Park’s “conservatarian” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone really have abandoned their skeptical position on climate change they have picked an odd way of showing it and at a very odd time.

Since 2006, when ManBearPig made his first appearance, the man-made global warming theory which Al Gore championed has been shown to be increasingly threadbare. Global warming had already begun its long pause by the time that episode was made – and world average temperatures have remained more or less flat ever since.

As for Al Gore, he is really not the influential and at least partly respected figure he once was.

Climate alarmists, who used to consider him one of their big hitters, now view him as something of an embarrassment. So it would seem quite odd if Parker and Stone, with their fingers on the satirical zeitgeist, were really on a mission to rehabilitate so sorry and discredited a figure.

Also, as one of the commenters here points out, we really don’t know where South Park is headed with this ‘apology’.

We don’t know where they are going with this “apology.”
The next episode may make fun of Gore’s “solutions” (flying in private jets all over the world, selling his TV station to a dude who made billions off of oil, sexually assaulting multiple massage therapists-#believeallwomen.)

No doubt if that’s the direction it does head, we’ll be hearing rather less of it from the liberal media.