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Michael Mann reveals he is no rocket man scientist as his claims rebutted by data – Mann claims that ‘climate change was behind this summer’s extreme weather’   Image source: 2 November 2018 Washington Post By Kenneth Richard According to climatologist Dr. Michael Mann, we human beings are significantly modulating the globe’s hydrological cycle by warming the planet. Mann postulates that anthropogenic global warming (AGW) causes the wet regions of the Earth to get wetter, whereas the dry regions of the Earth […]

Wind Turbines are new ‘top predator’ in the ecosystem – ‘Wiping out buzzards, hawks…at the top of the food chain’ By Jo Nova Wind turbines either kill or scare away three quarters of buzzards, hawks and kites at three sites in India. That makes them the new “top predator” in the ecosystem according to new research.  Perhaps not the niche that Greens were expecting wind farms to occupy. It’s not all bad news though, […]

Claim: Global warming is increasing the chance of a volcanic eruption The glacier sits on top of the last volcano to explode on Canadian soil: Mount Meager, northwest of Whistler, B.C. But the fact that it erupted just over 2,400 years ago does not mean it’s past its potential to blow again. That’s just the blink of an eye in geological terms. The combination of […]

A major problem in new media hyped ocean heat uptake paper: Serious ‘errors in the underlying calculations’ by Nic Lewis Obviously doubtful claims about new research regarding ocean content reveal how unquestioning Nature, climate scientists and the MSM are. On November 1st there was extensive coverage in the mainstream media[i] and online[ii] of a paper just published in the prestigious journal Nature. The article,[iii] by Laure Resplandy of Princeton University, Ralph Keeling of the Scripps Institute […]

Skeptical meteorologist Joe D’Aleo issues point-by-point rebuttal to warmist Fed climate report Alarmist Claim Rebuttal Overview Below are a series of rebuttals of the most common climate alarmists’ claims such as those made in the recently released Fourth National Climate Assessment Report.2 The authors of these rebuttals are all recognized experts in the relevant scientific fields. The rebuttals demonstrate the falsity of EPA’s claims merely by […]

Watch: Morano on Fox News Channel on green energy mandates: ‘Gov’t picking winners & losers, gov’t banning energy that works, & you’re going to have higher energy costs’ Nevada ballot proposals asks voters whether state should use more clean energy By Douglas Kennedy, Rebecca Kesten | Fox News Sesily Lee has been suffering from asthma for the past five years. On some days, she said, she simply can’t breathe. “It feels heavy, it feels dirty, it feels like you’re breathing stuff in,” she said, describing […]

Noam Chomsky: President Trump and the Republicans are ‘Criminally Insane’ Because Climate Change Guest essay by Eric Worrall From the “if you are upsetting Noam Chomsky you must be doing something right” department; … Why did you recently call the Republican Party “the most dangerous organization in world history”? Take its leader, who recently applied to the government of Ireland for a permit to build a huge wall to protect […]

Lomborg: UN Ignores Economics Of Climate – Costs of proposed CO2 cuts aren’t worth it. New Nobel laureate William Nordhaus says the costs of proposed CO2 cuts aren’t worth it. By Bjorn Lomborg The global economy must be transformed immediately to avoid catastrophic climate damage, a new United Nations report declares. Climate economist William Nordhaus has been made a Nobel laureate. The events are being reported as two parts […]

STUDY: Wealthier people do less in the struggle against ‘climate change’ Date: November 5, 2018 Source: Universitat Rovira i Virgili Summary: A collective-risk dilemma experiment with members of the public in Barcelona has shown that people are more or less likely to contribute money to fighting climate change depending on their how wealthy they are. And the results indicate that participants with fewer resources were […]