CNN’s Brian Stelter’s reliable source on climate change is no climate scientist – Has Ph.D. is in ‘Renaissance literature’

by Brett T.

We missed this Sunday, but we also miss writing about CNN’s media reporter Brian Stelter, so here you go.

The funny thing about Stelter’s Sunday show is its name: “Reliable Sources.” And this week, his reliable source on why we don’t hear more about climate change was Dr. Genevieve Guenther, who’s as much a climate scientist as Al Gore or Leonardo DiCaprio.

Reliable Sources


.@DoctorVive gives an unsettling statistic: “78% of Americans don’t hear about climate change even once a week in their media diets.”

Well, her Ph.D. is in Renaissance literature, but she did found End Climate Silence, so that’s something.

She did misspeak during the segment shown above, though; the percentage of Americans who don’t hear about climate change in their “media diet” each week is actually 88 percent, so it’s even more “unsettling.” Hopefully, Stelter will get right on that and convince CNN to do a daily segment on climate change.


Hilarious. Media wondering why media do not cover climate change. Let’s get to the bottom of this!


Once a week is not enough to indoctrinate. Must increase dosage.