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Morano responds to Prof. Andrew Dessler as the media is frustrated: Trump silent as the UN warns of climate catastrophe

The UK Guardian is upset that the Trump administration is ignoring the UN report. Bravo to the administration for paying no attention to the report.

Warmist Prof. Andrew Dessler Claim: “I don’t think the administration cares about this at all,” said Andrew Dessler, a climate scientist at Texas A&M University. “They just want to figure out how to ignore it all. It’s really disappointing. It’s a real failure that the US government isn’t helping people understand there’s a train coming down the track fast at us and we need to get out of the way.”

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano Response: “I think the Trump administration does care, they care that the UN is full of crap over its dire climate change claims. It is really refreshing. It is a real sign of leadership that the U.S. is ignoring this report and essentially laughing at claims that “a train [is] coming down the track fast at us.”

Prof. Andrew Dessler Claim: “Keeping warming below 1.5C will be very, very hard,” said Dessler. “It’s going to take a reimagining of how the world is constructed around us and we are lacking imagination. Fundamentally, we need to change the politicians in Washington. That’s the key.”

Climate Depot’s Morano Response: “Thinking we can control the Earth’s climate is medieval. Claiming that such “targets” like keeping warming below 1.5C are scientifically valid, is absurd. Top UN scientists have admitted these temperature targets are bullshit. See: Book reveals UN’s goal of ‘2 degree’ limit of ‘global warming’ has no scientific basis – ‘Pulled out of thin air’