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Analysis: ‘Global Warming Fraud’ At The New York Times for blaming Roger Federer’s loss on ‘global warming’ By Tony Heller The New York Times is blaming Roger Federer’s September 3rd loss on global warming.   Roger Federer Is Tough to Beat. Global Warming Might Have Pulled an Upset. – The New York Times It was the 10th warmest September 3 on record in New York, nine degrees cooler than  September 3, […]

Science Nepotism Racket …Small, Closed Group Of Climate Scientists Caught Awarding Themselves Prizes And Money By P Gosselin The latest in science scandals: a small, closed group of self-glorifying and like-minded climate scientists have been caught awarding each other prizes and money in a clear abuse of ethics. If there were a prize for science nepotism, this year it would have to go to: RealClimate, namely the following scientists: Stefan Rahmstorf […]

Princeton Physicist Dr. Will Happer hired as Trump’s new tech adviser By Lubos Motl Willie Soon alerted us that Will Happer, emeritus professor at Princeton, was finally picked as an adviser by Donald Trump, Trump to name climate change skeptic as adviser on emerging technologies (CNN). In January 2017, I mentioned a Happer-Trump meeting. Will is a great scientist and wise man and I was pleased. […]

UN CLIMATE TALKS: THE ANNUAL RITUAL: ‘Each year sees less and less by way of meaningful activity, and more and more liturgy and ritual’ Each year since 1995, the nations of the world have gathered to try to reach a global agreement on carbon dioxide emissions. These ‘Conferences of the Parties’, or COPs as they are usually termed, involve all of the members of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and take place towards the end […]

WALTER RUSSELL MEAD: ANTI-CAPITALIST CLIMATE CAMPAIGNERS HAVE FAILED The problem isn’t climate-change denial. It’s doubt that climate activists have the answers. Last week French environmental minister Nicolas Hulot, once a prominent supporter of President Emmanuel Macron, threw in the towel. “I don’t want to lie anymore. I don’t want to create the illusion that my presence in the government means that we […]


BY MICHAEL BASTASCH The New York Times published an article suggesting tennis star Roger Federer’s U.S. Open defeat was not the result of being bested by Australian John Millman, but instead because of man-made global warming. “Roger Federer Is Tough to Beat. Global Warming Might Have Pulled an Upset,” reads the headline of The Times’ analysis of why, […]

Claim: More Taxpayer Climate Cash And Carbon Taxes Would Boost the World Economy by $26 Trillion Guest essay by Eric Worrall This remarkable business opportunity will only be realised if it is funded by taxpayers and supported by carbon taxes. The world economy could grow $26 trillion in a decade if governments and businesses focus on climate change WILL MARTIN SEP 5, 2018, 6:56 PM … Bold action on climate […]