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DC suburb scrubs the phrase ‘climate change’ from energy plan – Declares climate change will be ‘non-existent’


Loudoun County Planners: Climate Change will be “non-existent” in Five Years!


In Northern Virginia, on August 9, 2018, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission met to discuss the county’s Comprehensive Plan.
The Plan lays out the vision for the county’s development, resources, priorities, spending, and overall governance for the next ten or twenty years.
A bureaucratic exercise, the Plan focuses on the long-term. Nothing exciting usually comes out of a Planning meeting. Some generic Politically Correct verbiage about “thinking globally, and acting locally” is common.
However, a local newspaper reported, at the County Commission meeting that night:
“[Kathy] Blackburn … led the charge to take out language in the plan calling to “update and implement the County Energy Strategy to reduce the impacts of climate change.” She argued the use of the phrase “climate change” is politically charged and “could be obsolete” before long. And in five years it could be nonexistent,” she said. Other commissioners agreed.”
Kathy Blackburn, right, Climate Realist
The local paper reported the facts with no comment, no reaction, no rebuttal, no hysterics.
I believe is a significant milestone. The warming/climate/CO2 fraud has reached a tipping point.
Let it die. A return to reality is long overdue. We don’t control the weather. Climate changes, naturally. Always has. Always will. We’ll adapt and overcome whatever nature throws at us.
Follow the lead of the Loudoun County Planning Commission and say it loud: “Climate change in five years will be nonexistent!”