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DC suburb scrubs the phrase ‘climate change’ from energy plan – Declares climate change will be ‘non-existent’

Via: Loudoun County Planners: Climate Change will be “non-existent” in Five Years! by Kent Clizbe Excerpt: In Northern Virginia, on August 9, 2018, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission met to discuss the county’s Comprehensive Plan. The Plan lays out the vision for the county’s development, resources, priorities, spending, and overall […]

Claim: ‘The Victims of Climate Change Are Already Here’ By VANN R. NEWKIRK II GOSIA WOZNIACKA / AP In the new global reality, where each passing year is the hottest on record, the final month of summer foretells calamity. It’s always hot and volatile in the dog days between mid-August and mid-September, but the past few years have dialed those elements up high. […]

Study: U.S. Leads World In Reducing CO2 Emissions, While UN Paris Accord Nations Break Promises By JAMES BARRETT August 22, 2018 Despite obviously hating the environment and doing everything we can to bring about its fiery destruction, including pulling out of the Paris Agreement on climate change last year, the United States has miraculously managed to do pretty well in curbing CO2. In fact, the anti-environment USA is doing better […]

Morano’s point-by-point rebuttal to UK Guardian’s Nuccitelli’s attacks – Morano’s Facebook video continues to go viral with over 8 million views My Viral Climate Change Video Was Smeared as Fake News. Here Are the Facts. By Marc Morano / @ClimateDepot / August 22, 2018 An environmental scientist who writes a column for The Guardian has claimed that my video on climate change “spreads climate denial misinformation” to millions of viewers on Facebook. Not so. Here is my point-by-point rebuttal […]

University opens up world’s first ‘Center for the Study of Climate Change Denialism’ – Links ‘conservatism, xenophobia, & climate denial’

A University in Sweden has set up what it claims is the “world’s first global research network looking into climate change denial.” Chalmers University of Technology is seeking to explore “connections between conservatism, xenophobia, and climate change denial.” The apparently well-funded research effort ” will examine the ideas and interests behind climate change denial, with a […]