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Kristin Mink – who confronted Pruitt in restaurant – ‘Has Been Agitating Against the Trump Administration for Years Now’

Mink Has Been Agitating Against the Trump Administration for Years Now

Kristin Mink@KristinMinkDC

🚨 MARYLANDERS 🚨 ICE is holding separated children in a facility in Maryland!! Marylanders are PROFITING off this atrocity! Show up TONIGHT to protest! Go go go!!! 

Shortly after Trump was elected president, Mink created a Facebook group she called, “What Now? (Moving Forward).” Mink told the Washington Post at the time, “I was so frozen afterward, and I felt like I was on the verge of tears all the time, it was such a feeling of hopelessness and impotence, I realized I needed to be doing something. I needed to feel like I could take an action every time that feeling came over me. I wanted to create a place where other people who felt the same way could come together.”

Her group raised funds to campaign against nationalist groups in Maryland, and to hang up signs on a local Silver Spring church that had been defaced by a nationalist group.

3. Mink Teaches At One of the Most Prestigious Middle Schools in DC

Sidwell Friends

Sidwell Friends

For the past year, Mink has been a middle school teacher at Sidwell Friends, where the Obamas sent their children. Many children of Washington DC’s elite attend Sidwell.

Before coming to Sidwell, Mink taught middle and high school math, English, and sexual health at a diverse alternative school in D.C. According to her LinkedIn profile, Mink “developed and taught progressive, research-based sexual health curriculums for middle and high school classes.”

Parkmont School offers a “nontraditional” approach to education which includes internships and real world experience. Tuition at this self-described “alternative” middle and high school is $35,800 per year.