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Must see: Russian Green propaganda

CFACT launched a billboard campaign demanding attention to Russian collusion with Green organizations to thwart U.S. energy production.

Here are must-see anti-energy memes Russia posted to social media from the congressional report on Russian – Green collusion which provide powerful evidence of what Russia’s been up to.

Russia fed the left-wing war for oil narrative


Pipelines are the safest most efficient way to move American oil and gas

so Russia would like them blocked


Energy profits are ugly…

if it’s not Russia that’s making them


Russia wants American energy inefficient and subsidized

so they pushed wind and solar


The shale energy revolution has made America truly energy independent

so Russia pushed anti-fracking propaganda


If you want to deprive America of energy

the global warming narrative is a natural


Texas is an energy powerhouse with an economy the size of Russia’s.

Russia fed anti-Texas oil sentiment


Russia worked with Green groups to exploit Native Americans

to block the Dakota Access pipeline


The evidence is clear. Russia does not like the American energy revolution competing with its energy exports and is pushing Green narratives to shut us down.

CFACT wants America to learn the facts.