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Al Gore warns of ‘ominous’ record-breaking heat BY JUSTIN WISE – 07/01/18 09:49 AM EDT Former Vice President Al Gore on Saturday issued a warning about Earth’s “ominous” record-breaking heat. “Another ominous record has been set,” Gore tweeted, citing a Washington Post article. “The city of Quriyat, Oman, hit an overnight LOW of 108.7 degrees on Tuesday – likely the highest […]

Analysis: ‘Progressives are about as Right about the Economy as they are about Global Warming’ By CO2 is Life The Definitive Source for Exposing the Global Warming Hoax Progressives are about as Right about the Economy as they are about Global Warming   Paul Krugman: The Economic Fallout 2016-11-09T00:42:44-05:0012:42 AM ET (Election Night 2016) It really does now look like President Donald J. Trump, and markets are plunging. When might […]

Must see: Russian Green propaganda by CFACT Ed CFACT launched a billboard campaign demanding attention to Russian collusion with Green organizations to thwart U.S. energy production. Here are must-see anti-energy memes Russia posted to social media from the congressional report on Russian – Green collusion which provide powerful evidence of what Russia’s been up to. Russia fed the left-wing […]

Global Warming Smackdown: Tankers Trapped In Summer Arctic Sea Ice

Global Warming Smackdown: Tankers Trapped In Midsummer Arctic Sea Ice by bennypeiser / Today, 03:32 “THE global warming, which there has been so much talk about for such a long time, seems to have receded a little and we are returning to the standards of the 1980’s and 1990’s…” — Andrey Smirnov (Icebreaker company […]