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Remember how hot it used to get before ‘global warming’?

I am nostalgic the days before the great global warming and climate change panic.

Yesterday in Springfield, Illinois it was forecasted to be 97 degrees, but only hit 92. The record high for this day was 104 in 1934. It is a shame that it has only been colder for 84 straight years. In reverence to Michael Mann and others we should adjust the 1930’s temperatures down because they just don’t match the agenda.

The record high temperature in Springfield was 112 on July 14, 1954 and it was over 100 29 days in 1954 during the 1945-1976 global cooling period.

1936 heat wave culminated 75 years ago today; 50 deaths resulted

It’s July. It’s Illinois. It’s hot. It’s normal.

But 75 years ago, summer 1936 was anything but normal for Springfield and the rest of the Midwest.

Four of Springfield’s 10 hottest days ever came during July 1936, including a then-all-time high of 110 degrees on July 14. That record was broken on the same date in 1954, which registered a high of 112.

The temperature reached triple digits on 29 days that year, including 12 consecutive days from July 4 through 14.

Since I was 16 months old in July 1954 and running around in a cloth diaper I am trying to picture what my parents did because it was so hot. I believe they must have turned on the TV to see what Al Roker was saying as to how many millions were under the heat dome and what the heat index was. Nope, they didn’t have a TV and the heat index was not developed until 1978 around the time the current global warming scare started. How convenient.

How could they keep me safe when no one told them to keep me out of the sun and try to keep cool? Did they know to drink water? What if the heat index was 120? Would that have changed anything?

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