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Is Massachusetts v. EPA a goner? – Sierra Club freaks: New justice won’t ‘believe in climate change, or in fact science at all’ By Amanda Reilly, E&E News reporter Climatewire: Thursday, June 28, 2018 The fate of a landmark Supreme Court climate change decision became uncertain after Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement yesterday. Kennedy provided the crucial fifth vote in the 2007 decision, in which the court found EPA has the authority to regulate carbon […]

WaPo: ‘Climate change’ is a top spiritual priority for these religious leaders

Via: By Juliet Eilperin – June 26 Excerpts: “What remains for us is to preach what we practice,” said Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople. “Now we must begin the long and difficult way from the mind to the heart . . . May God guide you in your service to his people and the care of […]

Cheers! Time Mag: Justice Kennedy’s Replacement Could Make It Harder to Fight ‘Climate Change’ By JUSTIN WORLAND June 27, 2018 The retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy could allow the nation’s highest court to change its mind on whether the Environmental Protection Agency has to fight climate change. As a crucial swing vote, the Reagan appointee joined liberals in a landmark 5-4 decision in 2007 that the EPA is required […]

What Scientific ‘Consensus’?! 254 New 2018 Papers Support A Skeptical Position On Climate By Kenneth Richard on 28. June 2018 In just the first 6 months of 2018,  254 scientific papers have been published that cast doubt on the position that anthropogenic CO2 emissions function as the climate’s fundamental control knob…or that otherwise serve to question the efficacy of climate models or the related “consensus” positions commonly endorsed by policymakers […]

‘EU’s Absurd Crusade To Recycle Plastic Just Makes Ocean Pollution Worse’

‘EU’s Absurd Crusade To Recycle Plastic Just Makes Ocean Pollution Worse’ The European Union’s crusade to recycle plastic is making pollution of the world’s oceans worse, a climate think tank warned yesterday. Wealthy Western countries including the UK ship millions of tons of plastic waste to poorer countries for recycling every year. But because […]

STUDY: Recycling Plastic Is Making Ocean Litter Worse – Save The Oceans – Stop Recycling Plastic

New Report: Recycling Plastic Is Making Ocean Litter Worse by bennypeiser / Today, 02:05 Save The Oceans – Stop Recycling Plastic London – June 28: An explosive report from the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) reveals that efforts to recycle plastic are a major cause of the marine litter problem. The report, written by […]