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Forget Paris: Not A Single EU State Is Meeting UN Climate Targets Paris Accord Humiliation: 23 Of 28 EU States Graded “Poor” Or “Very Poor” On Achieving Climate Targets! by P Gosselin / Today, 06:16 It’s schadenfreude time for the skeptics of so-called “green energies”, and humiliation time for green energy cheerleaders.” Not a single EU state is meeting climate targets, a new analysis finds. It’s […]

Warmists lament: ‘The World Is Not Even Close to Kicking Coal’ – ‘I had no idea that so little progress had been made until I looked at these data’ Science Alert A Worrying New Energy Chart Shows The World Is Not Even Close to Kicking Coal A serious wake-up call. CARLY CASSELLA 18 JUN 2018 Fair warning: If you are one of those “liberal, tree-hugging hippies” who wants the world to move away from burning fossil fuels, these graphs are going to depress […]

SIERRA CLUB: ‘CLIMATE DENIERS’ ARE RACISTS – Claim ‘high levels of racial resentment strongly correlated with reduced agreement with scientific consensus on climate change’

By MICHAEL BASTASCH The Sierra Club has a message for white Republicans who disagree with them on global warming: You’re racist. That’s right, the U.S.’s oldest environmental group is pushing a recent study that claims “high levels of racial resentment are strongly correlated with reduced agreement with the scientific consensus on climate change.” “The percentage of white Americans […]

Dr. Pielke Jr. slams AP’s Borenstein for ‘making us dumb’ by reporting global warming ‘is in our living room’ By Anthony Watts Yesterday, Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. responded to Seth Borenstein’s Tweet about his article in the Associated Press on the upcoming 30 year anniversary of Dr. James Hansen’s Climate Predictions from 1988. Borenstein’s title was: ” Warned 30 years ago, global warming ‘is in our living room’ Thirty years later, it’s clear that Hansen and other […]

RIP: Skeptical scientist Dr. Vincent Gray, UN IPCC expert reviewer, dies at 96 – Accused UN of ‘faking the whole exercise’ by Geoff Brown on June 19, 2018 Long time readers of this blog will know of long time contributor, IPCC expert reviewer Dr Vincent Gray. Dr Gray passed away last week. He was 96 years old. Vincent was an expert reviewer of every IPCC assessment report to date. He also books published on Climate Change/AGW. This blogger […]