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Watch: Morano on Fox debunking new Antarctic ice melt scare & explaining how ‘global warming’ will solve alleged overpopulation problem

Varney & Company – Fox Business Network – June 15, 2018 – View video here: 


Host – Stuart Varney:  A new study suggests Antarctic ice is melting at triple the speed of the last decade. The pace of melt has speeded up dramatically. Joining us now is Marc Morano who is a climate change skeptic. I read this in the New York Times, the big picture of Antarctica, the ice is melting double the speed or triple the speed and sea level rates are rising. They say it’s because of human activity. What say you?

Marc Morano: The NYT article had to issue multiple corrections because it had all kinds of different claims in their article. Second of all in my new book, ‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change’, I go back and show that in 1901, 1922, 1979 and 2014, 2018 that they’ve come up with Antarctic melt scenarios over and over. I also point out that in 2015, a NASA study showed Antarctica was gaining it and actually contributing to a sea level lowering. This new study which, by the way, it used observational data but to enhance that they used models, climate models —  not even actual data — they simulated what they thought the actual ice conditions were and it gives them a huge fudge factor.

But keep in mind, this is only over a decade or so, a very short timescale. And then they extrapolate out into the future all these scary scenarios. 1921, they were doing the same thing. Antarctica is there go to scare. (On a separate note) Sea ice (as opposed to Antarctic land-based ice) was predicted to decline years ago and then we had record amounts of Antarctic sea ice and then they said see increasing ice was consistent with global warming. They are jumping all over the place. But this latest study flies in the face of previous studies including NASA’s study.

Varney: Let me wrap this all up and generalize. We are told climate change, that the climate is changing, you can call it weather if you’d like but it’s climate change and its happened in part because of human activity. Do you dismiss that entirely?

Morano: No I don’t. Let’s put it this way. There are hundreds of impacts on the climate. You cannot distinguish humans impact from the natural variability and there’s nothing unusual going on including hurricanes, floods, droughts provide detail that these are either on no trend or declining trend on climate timescale. Though go five or ten years and try to cherry pick a time frame and extrapolate and come up with doom. If you look at sea level rise there’s no acceleration according to gauges but they keep coming up with scare after scare in the media because scientists are driven to get headlines and attention and its speculation. It’s all speculation.

Varney: At Berkeley, they say a mass extinction is coming in there pushing for population control. React to that.

Morano: In my book, I go back to the 1960s and I show no matter the environmental scare, famines, scares, all sorts of calamities, they always had same solutions no matter the scare. They always wanted central power, redistribution of wealth and global governance. Now the Berkeley city council is following that same line — even though the new projections of population are showing a decline in population as we go forward into the 21st century. More importantly, their own governor — Jerry Brown —  has said global warming will kill 3 billion people. (See: OVERPOPULATION SOLVED! Gov. Jerry Brown Claims in 2018: 3 Billion+ Will Die from ‘Global Warming’) Now here’s the problem. The Berkeley California city council is worried that overpopulation will lead to global warming — but their own governor is saying that global warming is going to kill 3 billion people. Problem solved Stuart! Global warming will kill the excess population.

Varney: (laughing) Ohhh. Oh, we gotcha.

Morano: There you go! We just solved it!

Varney: (Laughing) Alright Marc, we did hear you. Marc Morano everybody. Thanks for joining us sir. We will see you again soon.


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