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Swedish Researchers Confirm 20th Century Warming ‘Does Not Stand Out’ Over Past 2500 Years By P Gosselin on 13. June 2018 A very recent study by Swedish scientists appearing in the journal Climate of the Past examining bottom water temperature (BWT) off the coast of Western Sweden (Gullmar Fjord) going back 2500 years found that “the most recent warming of the 20th century does not stand out.” Team of researchers led by Irina Polovodova Asteman, University of […]

Coal Use To Explode By 43% Worldwide! …German Energy Expert: “Foundation Of The Paris Accord Has Collapsed” By P Gosselin on 12. June 2018 Share this…Yesterday German energy expert and scientist Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt commented at his monthly column at Die kalte Sonne site here on solar activity, CO2 and coal power in Germany. Photo: Fritz Vahrenholt, source: Die kalte Sonne Sun factor grossly underestimated Lately the sun’s activity has been very quiet as the star at […]

Listen & Read: Q&A with Morano on his book: ‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change’

Listen to Morano’s full interview here or full transcript below: Q&A: The Politically Incorrect Book That Debunks Climate Change Myths Q&A: The Politically Incorrect Book That Debunks Climate Change Myths Rob Bluey / @RobertBluey / June 03, 2018 / 491 Comments Al Gore, former vice president, is among the radical left-wing environmentalist who author Marc Morano debunks in his book, […]

Rare climate debate in West VA – Judith Curry, Patrick Moore vs. Mann & Titley Scientists debate human involvement in climate change during panel by Jake Jarvis Staff Writer A group of four climate change scientists came to the University of Charleston Tuesday night for a special panel discussion about the impact humans have on the changing climate. By Jake Jarvis Staff Writer Facebook Twitter Email Print Save CHARLESTON […]