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Analysis: To a Progressive, Everything, Including Science is Political

To a Progressive, Everything, Including Science is Political

Here at CO2isLife we have always maintained that to understand Climate Change, one must understand politics. Climate Change is simply one aspect of a much greater Political/Marxist Social Movement. That is why the Scientific Method isn’t applied in Climate Science, it is instead debated in the political arena. In the above Graphic Progressive Comedian Michael Ian Black identified part of the strategy, but failed to list all the aspects. Media is Political, Education is Political, Science is Political, Family is Political, Dinners are Political, Religion is Political, Entertainment is Political, Awards are Political, Social Media is Political, Gender is Political, Graduations are Political, Race is Political, Sexuality is Political, Resturants are Political, Courts are Political, Campaigns are Political, etc etc etc. Progressives intend to politicize every aspect of life. That is their MO. They use McCarthyism and tactics similar to the Spanish Inquisition of confess, recant, repent. Selective moral outrage, hypocrisy, double standards and accusing others of what they are guilty define who they are and how they behave. That is why Climate Alarmists call people that disagree with them “Deniers” and worse. That isn’t consistent with science, that is a political smear campaign. Continue Reading Please Like, Share, Subscribe and Comment