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Watch: Steve Hayward on Fox with Tucker Carlson: Forget global warming – Now it’s all about race and gender

“The campaign against global warming seems to have gone bust.”
– Tucker Carlson

Heard this interesting discussion and thought you might want to review, writes my friend Bob Mann.

Steve Hayward, University of California Berkeley Visiting Scholar, was hired a few yrs ago to “bring a little conservative balance to the UC world.” At least that’s what the School told him when they brought him aboard the faculty.

He just wrote an interesting article (of course raising some major disagreement among the hardcore Far-Left UC faculty members and other like-minded radical Left academics).

Apparently his controversial article pointed out the substantial recent shift AWAY from the previously politically “most critical” dire consequences of global warming – that if not immediately controlled by the government spending billions of dollars on huge diverse shifts to green energy solutions and other radical shifts in the way Western countries currently manage their businesses and energy uses (regardless of cost vs benefit considerations and, by the way, making certain politically-connected entrepreneurs vastly wealthy along the way).

But Scholar Hayward now contends that political interest in that “huge and costly world global climate crisis” political issue has been sharply wavering and exiting the news headlines. There has rapidly been abandonment of the entire topic in favor instead of political re-focus on totally unrelated Gender and Race issues!!! Wow!!

Hayward says “This is a crisis for the universities.”

Above is Tucker Carlson of Fox News interviewing the UC-Berkeley Visiting Scholar on Friday night, June 8th.