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Schwarzenegger won’t vote for leading GOP candidates for governor due to their climate views


Arnold Schwarzenegger, who once famously warned Republicans that they were “dying at the box office,” has decided not to support either of the leading GOP candidates for California governor, a spokesman said on Friday.

The former governor’s decision to speak out against the candidacies of John Cox, a Rancho Sante Fe businessman, and Travis Allen, an Orange County legislator, stands in sharp contrast to his past refusals to weigh in on those who have followed him into office.

“They will not get his vote,” said spokesman Daniel Ketchell.

Schwarzenegger’s decision was based on the candidates’ past statements about climate change, including California’s current efforts to curtail greenhouse gas emissions that began during Schwarzenegger’s administration in 2006.

“He won’t support any candidate that plans to take California backward and undo our environmental leadership,” Ketchell said. He would not elaborate on who Schwarzenegger might support in Tuesday’s statewide primary.

The rejection of the GOP’s leading candidates came after the former governor criticized President Trump’s endorsement of Cox. Trump had praised the candidate as someone who would “turn things around” in California.