Study: Do millennials care more about climate? Apparently not – ‘The concept that old people will die off and we are just going to change the world may not hold true’ Do millennials care more about climate? Apparently not Kelsey Brugger, E&E News reporter Published: Wednesday, June 6, 2018 Many millennials may appear to wear their environmental credentials on their proverbial sleeves, with outdoorsy Instagram posts, reusable YETI cups and electric scooters. Even craft breweries say they have become more environmentally conscious. But according to […]

Some Inconvenient Truths About Recycling: ‘Much of (recycled items) ends up in a landfill’ Environment: It has become an article of faith in the U.S. that recycling is a good thing. But evidence is piling up that recycling is a waste of time and money, and a bit of a fraud. The New York Times recently reported that, unknown to most families who spend hours separating garbage into little recycling bins, […]

Analysis: ‘America is an increasingly minor CO2 emitter’

by CFACT The United States and Western democracies as a whole are increasingly minor players among global carbon dioxide emitters, U.S. EPA data show. Without dramatic emissions reductions in China, India, and other developing nations, dramatic reductions in the United States, Western Europe, and Japan will have little impact on global carbon dioxide emissions. According to […]

Flashback: US Should Kidnap And Sterilize Indian Peasants To Prevent Overpopulation

By Paul Homewood Repost from Donna Laframboise: SPOTLIGHT: Saving the world = barbaric behaviour. BIG PICTURE: The paperback edition of biologist Paul Ehrlich’s 1968 bestseller, The Population Bomb, was 233 pages long. The first three chapters described a problem.   The final two chapters were titled “What Needs to be Done” and “What Can You Do?” […]

Analysis: The Total Myth of Ocean Acidification

By David Middleton The Fable of Chicken Little of the Sea Guest essay by David Middleton, When if comes to debunking Gorebal Warming, Chicken Little of the Sea (“ocean acidification”) and other Warmunist myths, my favorite starting points are my old college textbooks. Way back in the Pleistocene (spring semester 1979) in Marine Science I, our […]

Doomsday Climate Models Wrong Again! Hurricanes Declining…Flooding Over Europe Not More Frequent

By P Gosselin on 5. June 2018 Share this… 748 Meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue pointed out here at Twitterthat hurricane activity has not lived up to the climate model projections and that major hurricanes in the 1970s and 80s were “likely underestimated” The hurricane expert tweeted: Over the past 4-decades, number of global HURRICANE strength tropical cyclones (about 48/year) have actually […]

GLOBAL OCEAN AIR TEMPS DROP BACK TO PRE-EL NINO LEVELS GLOBAL OCEAN AIR TEMPS DROP BACK TO PRE-EL NINO LEVELS Date: 06/06/18 Ron Clutz, Science Matters Global ocean air temps are now the lowest since April 2015, and those in the Southern Hemisphere the lowest since May 2013. Presently sea surface temperatures (SST) are the best available indicator of heat content gained or lost […]