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Schneiderman Resigns – but ‘eco-litigators eager to shakedown fossil fuel companies & trample civil liberties are a dime a dozen’

New York Attorney General and Climate Campaigner Schneiderman Resigns
Marlo Lewis, Jr. • May 12, 2018

According to the New Yorker investigative report, when one girlfriend objected to Schneiderman yanking her across the street, and reminded him that jaywalking is illegal, he reportedly replied: “I am the law.”

Well, yes, that about sums it up. If the women’s accounts are true, and at this point nobody is contesting their veracity, Schneiderman is a self-righteous thug. Of course, that’s what many of us already concluded based on his official behavior.

Schneiderman spearheaded the investigations of ExxonMobil, Peabody Energy, and free-market organizations with intent to silence dissenting views on climate change. In a two-part blog post back in November 2015, I described Schneiderman’s antics as “climate thuggery”—a strategy to bleed fossil fuel company shareholders under the fraudulent guise of “protecting shareholder value.”

My colleague Christopher Horner has had several go-rounds with Schneiderman, including a recent win in the New York State Supreme Court (appellate division). The court upheld CEI’s request, under the state’s freedom of information law, to produce internal documents on Schneiderman’s multi-state coalition to shut down debate on climate change.