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EU budget: 25% for climate hysteria, 75% for other ideological corruption

By Lubos Motl

On Friday afternoon, the EU’s most powerful bureaucrat Jean-Claude Juncker has worshiped Karl Marx, the masculine femme fatale of Juncker’s life. We heard that he was a great warrior for justice, wasn’t responsible for any mistakes let alone atrocities that Marxism has committed, and the European Union should be reorganized around social values of Marx’s type.

Almost every homo politicus in post-communist Europe was shocked.

When some shy teenage kids praise Adolf Hitler, we harass them. But when a bureaucrat does the same to Karl Marx who has probably scheduled a greater amount of suffering than Hitler, we call him the Chieftain of the European Commission or whatever is the exact title of this spectacular parasite. Lots of mayors in post-communist Europe felt stupid that they threw away Marx statues three decades ago. Eurotrash like Juncker could easily pay millions for this garbage today.

It can’t surprise us that these people are wrong about pretty much everything; and they want to cripple the European continent at almost all levels. For the period 2021-2027, it is expected that the United Kingdom will no longer belong to the prison of the nations that we call the European Union. How will the European Union change after Britain’s departure?

In the U.S., the climate hysteria seems to be pretty much over at the level of federal budgets. Well, our EU comrades won’t give up this easily. For the 2021-2027 period, the EU wants to spend one quarter of its budget for the climate hysteria.

Well, I didn’t hesitate for a second before I recommended the capital punishment for all the monstrous aßholes who are planning to burn the taxpayers’ cash in this incredible way. These Bolsheviks want to burn a staggering $383.2 billion on “climate adaptation and mitigation” – that’s about one-half of Apple, the world’s company with the highest capitalization (or it is equal to the 5th or 6th top company’s capitalization). A quarter of the shared budget is supposed to be wasted for a pseudoscientific superstition.

And it’s very clear that it won’t be just some modest shared budget. The European Union will pressure everybody – all government bodies at the EU and national level as well as companies and individuals – to spend a quarter of their own budgets for the same nonsense. Everyone is ordered to be poorer by 25% in the name of the fight against a fictitious threat. Every week, one whole day at work is wasted for this fairy-tale.

When the Kyoto protocol was signed in 1997, climate skeptics were warning that the global costs of this unjustified fight would be comparable to $100 or $150 billion a year. We were often attacked for being alarmists. Now, just the shared EU budget is supposed to waste $50 billion a year.

What will we get for one quarter of our wealth? The satellites and other apparatuses show that the global mean temperature increases by some 1.3 °C a century in recent decades. This rate seems somewhat robust. Let’s generously assume that all of it is due to carbon dioxide emissions. But the European Union may only control its own emissions, not those of the rest of the world.

Let’s generously assume that the European Union may stop all these emissions. The EU adds some 1/5 of the world’s emissions which means that it contributes 0.25 °C a century to the warming trend. But you know, if we avoided the 2021-2027 spending, the effect would only be to delay the desired (by the EU Marxists) decarbonization by 7 years. And in 7 years, the European Union adds about 1/14 of 0.25 °C to the global mean temperature – less than 0.02 °C.