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Kicking away the energy ladder ‘by environmentalists’ obsession with decarbonisation’

By Paul Homewood An important new paper out from GWPF lays bare the damage being done to the health of people in poorer countries by environmentalists’ obsession with decarbonisation:     Executive summary Domestic combustion of solid (bio)fuels is by far the number one global pollution problem. 4.3 million deaths annually are directly attributable to […]

REPORT: Radical environmentalism could kill millions of people in poor countries

  by Tim Pearce The grim irony of the pursuit of “green” energy is that it may be placing millions of people in poor countries at risk of living much shorter, unhealthier lives due to air pollution, according to a report from The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF). Climate change has become an international issue, and […]

Cinco de snow: Ski resort marks longest season on record

While many restaurants and bars celebrate Cinco de Mayo a few ski resorts will be celebrating on the slopes. Whiteface Mountain Ski Area announced Wednesday it will open its slopes for one more day on Saturday, breaking its record for the longest season on record. Saturday will mark ski day No. 155 for the Wilmington […]

EU budget: 25% for climate hysteria, 75% for other ideological corruption

By Lubos Motl On Friday afternoon, the EU’s most powerful bureaucrat Jean-Claude Juncker has worshiped Karl Marx, the masculine femme fatale of Juncker’s life. We heard that he was a great warrior for justice, wasn’t responsible for any mistakes let alone atrocities that Marxism has committed, and the European Union should be reorganized around social values of […]