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A Senior EPA Official Explains Why Pruitt’s Testimony Probably Saved His Job

By Chris White

A senior EPA official suggested Friday night that Administrator Scott Pruitt’s tenacity and willingness to fight back against accusations of wrongdoing will likely save him from getting canned.

President Donald Trump puts a high value on the ability of his official to beat back detractors, the official told Politico. Pruitt’s handling of Democrats during his congressional testimony on Thursday, the person added, will only elevate his position within the White House.

“They like fighters no matter what,” the person said of the Trump administration. “No matter what, fight. That’s what we’ve been conditioned to.” The source believes Trump’s takeaway from the House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing is that Republicans on the panel supported Pruitt while Democrats spent too much time grilling him on his deregulatory record.

“Any audience would say the White House saw a Republican bench entirely supportive of him,” the EPA source said. “On the Democrat side, the White House also saw Democrats who used half their time to criticize policies he’s doing that the White House likes. If they wanted to land punches, why do you ask about these policies? That’s not going to do it for you.”