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Morano on TV talking his book, ‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change’ – ‘Previous env. scares had same solutions…going back 40 years’

One America News TV – ‘Tipping Point’ – Host Liz Wheeler – Broadcast March 13, 2018

Partial Transcript:

Liz Wheeler: Marc, one of the things that you argue in this book I found this fascinating he said global warming is not actually about science. What do you mean?

Morano: In the book, I detail how top UN officials openly talk about how climate policy is not about the climate. they talk about how it is about wealth redistribution and the UN agenda.

I feature former Senator Timothy Wirth openly admitting that even if we are wrong on the science we are doing the right thing by policy. And what is the policy the UN? The UN climate chief says it very succinctly: We seek a centralized transformation that will make life on planet Earth very different — a centralized transformation led by the United Nations.

I also go into the fact that there’s a whole movement that believes capitalism is not compatible with a little climate. So they are going for system change — not climate change.

I actually show that previous environmental scares had different science claims like overpopulation, resource scarcity — but the same solutions were proposed: 1) central planning 2) Wealth redistribution; and 3) Global governance.

It doesn’t matter. They just plug and play the environmental scares. Global warming is the latest environmental scare and they have the same solutions going back 40 years.