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Climate ‘Deniers’ Win Big in San Francisco Courts! Facts Trump Fake Science


Here at CO2isLife we have always believed that the best way to expose the AGW Hoax was to put slimate clience on trial. The original posts on this blog formulated a prosecution of slimate clience and were titled “Climate Science on Trial; The Forensic Files: Exhibit A thru Z. They were created to help the lawyers formulate a defense against the alarmists. Well, a trial just happened, and it didn’t turn out well for the climate alarmists. A judge in San Francisco threw out the climate alarmist’s case. If the climate alarmists can’t win in San Francisco, they have zero chance of winning anywhere else. The truth and facts simply trump fake science and propaganda.


That is great news, however, when I started to write this blog post I was not aware of the outcome. I was going to write another post to help the lawyers in San Francisco and future cases regarding this issue. My original concern was that the defense would get too technical, allowing the prosecution to muddy the waters and obfuscate the issue to their advantage. The defense had published a brief by a group of prominent skeptics which was very well thought-out and detailed but which opened the door to the prosecution to bicker over the minutia and facts in order to confuse the facts.

Einstein once said, “No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.” That is how real science is performed, you reject the null with an experiment. You don’t need a 10-page lecture on climate change and global warming, you simply need one example where the model doesn’t fit. Not 100, not 10,000, not 100,000, not a consensus, you simply need one.

Ignoring that none of the models used by the IPCC have any predictive power at all, and provide far more evidence to reject than affirm the climate alarmist’s position, the best approach to disproving the claims of the climate alarmists is through simple sound science. KISS, Keep it Simple Stupid, or keep it simple and focused. The one example that debunks the alarmist’s claims best is that controlling for all other factors but CO2. That example is Antarctica, and it has shone no warming even with the material increase in CO2. That experiment is detailed in the following linked post: