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Watch: Morano on Fox News promoting new book – ‘The Terminator wants to terminate climate skeptics’

Fox Business News – Stuart Varney – March 13, 2018

Marc Morano Appears on Fox Business’ ‘Varney & Co.’ To Discuss Climate Hypocrisy’

Stuart Varney: There’s a new book on climate change which exposes what the book calls, is hypocrisy of Hollywood celebrities who speak out on climate change. Joining us now executive director and the author of the new book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change. Our guest is Marc Morano, let’s talk about — it’s been a long time since we saw you, let’s start with Arnold Schwarzenegger, he’s suing for murder.

Marc Morano: Arnold would have to sue himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably one of the most oil-intensive human beings on the planet, owning a Humvee and commuting daily to his work on a private jet and he also threatened climate skeptics. He wanted to strap their mouths to a tailpipe to make them understand that carbon dioxide is a pollutant. Well, first of all, that is carbon monoxide. But the Terminator wants to terminate climate skeptics. He has no authority to speak. He wanted people to air dry clothes to stop “global warming” and there were no reports of clothes hanging at the governor’s mansion or one of his many homes floating in the wind. [See: Schwarzenegger used private jet for daily commutes to California’s governor’s mansion]

Varney: I don’t like the cliche you can’t make the stuff up but it’s applicable in this instance. Let’s move onto Leonardo Decaprio.

Morano: DiCaprio was chosen by the UN as its climate spokesman. He goes in speaks in new York, all the conferences, this is a man who flew 8,000 miles in private jet to pick up an environmental award. He’s often seen on yachts and owns multiple homes and even his fellow environmentalists criticize him for his unwillingness to practice what he teaches.

Varney: Last one, Al gore.

Morano: Gore uses more than 20 times the electoral use of the average American. Al Gore is now in deep water because he’s being exposed that he has personally benefited from own lobbying on Capitol Hill. A former vice president lobbying Congress to enrich companies that he himself founded or was a director of and he went from one million dollars net worth to at least 100 million-dollar net worth and that was before he sold his TV network (Current TV) to the oil rich Al Jazeera network to the horror of former staff. The network would not even take fossil fuel advertising. Gore is a man who immensely benefited off of fossil fuels. I call him the most lavishly funded fossil fuel activist in the climate debate. He was portrayed by the media as a climate concerned former vice president — not as a lobbyist.

Varney: He did sell TV station. Al jazeera.

Morano: Yes. For hundreds of millions of dollars and former Gore staffers of his old Current TV network were appalled. Gore had made the pledge, they wouldn’t accept fossil fuel advertising but then he sold the whole network to Al Jazeera. Gore’s does not lead a low carbon lifestyle, he is frequently on private jets and flies around the world. In fact, in his sequel and in his first film — both have him at airports traveling around. He’s not willing to make an ounce of sacrifice. He put solar panels on his home, but he still has 21 times and sometimes 30 times energy use of the average American. He has no concept of sacrificing for the climate.

Stuart Varney: We hear you Marc Morano and we will read the book. Thanks very much Marc. We will see you again real soon.


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