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Climate activists predict both outcomes — more snow, less snow — so they are never wrong

Here we go again. Climate activists are once again claiming that ‘global warming’ is making winters snowier and colder. But a new book reveals the long history of climate activists making opposite predictions so they can always claim they “predicted it” correctly. Excerpted from the new Amazon ‘best seller’ ‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate […]

Book Review: ‘Forget Left/Right Politics, Read This Book’ – ‘You’ll meet scientist after scientist who expresses…absolute disdain for the dominant climate narrative’ Forget Left/Right Politics, Read This Book By Donna Laframboise SPOTLIGHT: Have you been exposed to a range of viewpoints – or have you been spoon-fed intellectual pablum? BIG PICTURE: Climate change is complicated. How measurements should be taken, how calculations should be performed, and whether numbers actually mean what people think they mean are all open to […]