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Claim: Totalitarian States are Better for Dealing with Climate Change

Totalitarian States are Better for Dealing with Climate Change

Here at CO2isLife we have always maintained the Climate Change is just one many agenda issues Totalitarian Progressives use to promote their anti-capitalism pro-totalitarian agenda. As with all Progressive issues, the solutions they offer is greater government control over the economy and individual, and the results of these solutions are never considered. The symbolic efforts of wasting other people’s money are being done to generate votes, not solve the problem. If one looks at Climate Change as a single battle in the much larger multi-front war for the hearts and minds of the voter, with climate change being fought by the totalitarian progressives, all this nonsense begins to make sense. With that understanding, the following headline starts to make sense. You have to get people comfortable with the idea of being ruled by totalitarians is a good idea before they will ever accept that kind of rule. When you read the following, just compare and contrast China to the US. The assertion is absurd. Totalitarian states are infinitely far destructive to the environment and are far more willing to use fossil fuels. China is currently building a 700 coal-burning power plants…and laughing at the US as fools. Threat Assessment: Democratic Peoples Make Policy Responses to ‘Climate Change’ More Difficult The “Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community,” which was delivered to the Senate Armed Services Committee today by Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats, says that “democracies” will find it especially difficult to muster policy responses to issues such as “migration” and “climate change” because the people in those countries “become less trusting of authoritative information sources.” Continue Reading Please Like, Share, Subscribe and Comment

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