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Media claim: Icy Europe, balmy North Pole: the world upside down – Blame ‘climate change’

Marlowe HOOD

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Balmy weather at the North Pole

Temperatures at the earth’s surface on February 25 at 1200 GMT. (AFP Photo/Simon MALFATTO)

Paris (AFP) – Not for the first time in recent years, Europe has descended into a deep freeze while the Arctic experiences record high temperatures, leaving scientists to ponder the role global warming may play in turning winter weather upside down.

The reversal has been dramatic.

This acceleration, experts said, circumstantially points to climate change, which has — over the same period — warmed the Arctic region twice as fast as the global average.

– Transform the planet –

Another clue may be the Arctic thaw/European deep freeze pairing.

“The surge of mild weather at the North Pole and the cold front in Europe are directly linked,” Etienne Kapikian, a scientist at Meteo France, the national weather service, told AFP.

“Just how hot is the Arctic now?” tweeted Peter Gleick, president emeritus of the Pacific Institute and a member of the US National Academy of Science.

“Hotter than ever measured in winter. Human-caused climate change is beginning to radically transform our planet.”