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Polar bear specialists double-down on message of future starving bears The really significant content of a new paper being heavily-hyped by the media1 is what wasn’t said rather than what the authors discovered about metabolic rates and weight maintenance of a small sample of nine Southern Beaufort Sea bears in 2014 to 2016 (Pagano et al. 2018; Whiteman 2018). This paper does not document starving […]

Pentagon study claims: Climate change is imperiling half of all U.S. military sites globally

Via ThinkProgress by E.A. Crunden – A new study from the Pentagon reveals that almost half of all U.S. military sites are threatened by climate change. The findings stand in stark contrast to the White House’s position on global warming and climate science. Around 1,700 sites around the world, ranging from outposts to large bases, are […]

Scientists’ Bewildered As ‘Global Warming’ Crisis Fails To Appear: Sea Level Rise Grinds To A Crawl

By P Gosselin on 2. February 2018 Over the past months a spate of scientific papers published show sea level rise has not accelerated like many climate warming scientists warned earlier. In fact the rise is far slower than expected, read here and here. Alarmist bedwetting by scientists over sea level rise proving to have been needless. Source: Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact […]