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Settled Science? Not So Fast. New Study Voids IPCC Worst Case Scenario

Worst-case global warming scenarios not credible: study

Earth’s surface will almost certainly not warm up four or five degrees Celsius by 2100, according to a study released Wednesday which, if correct, voids worst-case UN climate change predictions.

A revised calculation of how greenhouse gases drive up the planet’s temperature reduces the range of possible end-of-century outcomes by more than half, researchers said in the report, published in the journal Nature.

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And the Bad News for the Climate Alarmists just keeps rolling in:

During 2017, there were 150 graphs from 122 scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals that indicated modern temperatures are not unprecedented, unusual, or hockey-stick-shaped — nor do they fall outside the range of natural variability.

Less than 3 weeks into the new publication year, the explosion of non-alarming depictions of modern climate change continues.

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Since when can a “settled” science “revise” its calculation. Also, for a “settled” science, the IPCC Models appear to have an extreme amount of variability and inaccuracy. Just what does it take to “settle” a science if replicability, accuracy and the ability to predict outcomes isn’t necessary? In reality, Slimate Clience isn’t a “settled” science, it is an unsettling baseless and indefensible highly biased opinion.