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Disney Rejected Obama Proposal To Use ‘Frozen’ Characters To Push Climate Agenda


Next to the government takeover of healthcare, one of the biggest objectives of former President Barack Obama was tackling climate change. It’s a common rallying point for the left. Liberal and progressive activists like to speak of how humanity is bringing the planet down with endless fear-mongering. The result of the human shaming is bigger government and less freedom, all in the name of saving us from ourselves.

Climate change alarmists like to utilize a wide array of propaganda to sell their extremist ideas. One of these propaganda concepts was a proposal by the Obama Administration to utilize the characters from Frozen. Frozen is an animated children’s movie about two royal sisters, one of which has magical powers. It was a huge hit for Disney, so the marketing appeal would have made sense for the Obama Administration.

The problem is that Disney wasn’t biting, according to e-mails discovered by The Hill.

The State Department and Disney had discussions in 2014 regarding the issue, but no deal was struck. Disney had felt the issue, which was apparently discussed more than once, was closed. The Obama Administration felt otherwise, when State Department official Robert Papp spoke about the possibility of using the characters for propaganda purposes.

Multiple employees for Disney wrote to the State Department expressing their frustration that Papp misrepresented the discussions and continued to suggest a partnership might happen. The State Department stated that Papp had been put on the spot and had difficulty addressing the topic.

It appeared that the State Department was lying to avoid acknowledging that not even Disney wanted to work with them. This isn’t an unusual development for the State Department under the Obama Administration in general.

Disney didn’t want their characters used for negative advertising and telling sad stories. Papp was told Disney prefers to use their stories for optimism, which is a point reinforced by most of their children’s films. Their commitment is legitimate, considering Disney CEO Bob Iger cares about climate change and the company still wouldn’t budge.

Climate change messaging is hardly positive and calling it a sad story understates the propaganda. Alarmists have a tendency to discuss the issue like the apocalypse is imminent. Recall the picture painted by former vice president Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, for example. We’ve been told for years that the ice caps are melting and the sea levels will rise. In more extreme examples, the ozone layer will be destroyed and Earth will essentially wilt away.

Could anyone picture friendly Disney characters telling us about how we’re all going to die because of extremist propaganda? Disney made the right corporate decision not to get in bed with big daddy government.

The State Department was heavily motivated under the Obama Administration to tackle climate change. The motivation now appears even stronger. Attempting to use children’s characters to sell the propaganda of climate change alarmism is a brand new low. In the eyes of the previous Democratic administration, friendly cartoon characters for children aren’t even sacred.

One could say that Disney just wanted the Obama Administration to let it go.