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Global Warming Blamed for ‘Extremely Cold Temperatures’ in Vineyards

By Paul Homewood

Breitbart highlights yet another hysterical attempt to blame global warming for everything:


Although it may seem paradoxical, a series of harsh winters that “killed” vineyards in western New York are being blamed on global warming.

Writing for WOSU, Angelica Morrison claims that grape growers in western New York state are “seeing the effects” of climate change as extreme temperatures are becoming “the new way of life.”

Although recent winters in the northeast have been quite warm, not long ago there were several bitterly cold seasons—all of which are supposedly the product of global warming.

“We’ve had a very mild winter [in 2016] so almost everything survived,” farmer Mike Jordan is quoted as saying. “But prior to that, the winter of 2014 to 2015, were extremely cold temperatures that I’ve never seen before.”

“And it killed a lot of vineyards that in the past we’ve had success with. We’ve done a lot of replanting and we try to choose varieties that can survive the winter,” he said.



Unfortunately, the facts don’t support the claim. According to NOAA data, which admittedly is heavily adjusted, recent winters have not been unusually cold at all in New York state.




The farmer claims that during the winter of 2014/15 there were extremely cold temperatures that I’ve never seen before.

This is palpable nonsense.

Of course, the farmer might be right, which would mean that NOAA’s adjustments are fraudulent junk!