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NYT sets new record for nutty climate alarmism

by CFACT Ed A while back I did a CFACT piece on the problem that teachers who know nothing about science are actively teaching climate alarmism. The piece was based on an ever-alarmist New York Times article praising this problem as a good thing, when it is just the opposite. Now the NYT has outdone itself, with what […]

Obama on climate change: ‘A pause in American leadership’

NEW DELHI –  When former President Barack Obama spoke to a leadership forum in India’s capital, he never once used the words “Donald Trump” and was careful to avoid any direct reference to his successor in the White House. Yet he made plenty of veiled references, many of which drew laughter from the audience. He […]

Global Warming Blamed for ‘Extremely Cold Temperatures’ in Vineyards

By Paul Homewood Breitbart highlights yet another hysterical attempt to blame global warming for everything: Although it may seem paradoxical, a series of harsh winters that “killed” vineyards in western New York are being blamed on global warming. Writing for WOSU, Angelica Morrison claims that grape growers in western New York state are “seeing the effects” of […]

2017 Sets New Record For Global Food Production

Via: 2017 Sets New Record For Global Food Production Royal Society – It’s Worse Than We Thought Global cereal production in 2017 is forecast to surpass last year’s record levels. Global stocks of rice and coarse grains are also set to reach record levels. Based on the latest forecasts for cereal production and utilization, world cereal stocks […]