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Watch: Contentious TV debate from UN summit – Morano v. Senator – Debate witchcraft, 97%, UN agenda

The Newsmakers – TRT World – Turkish TV – Broadcast November 16, 2017

Excerpts below:
TRT World TV Host: I’m joined now from the UN summits in Bonn by US state senator Mike Barrett he serves as the chairman of the legislators Committee on telecommunications utilities and energy also in Bourne but from a rival climate skeptic wing of the summit we have Marc Morano he’s a former Republican political aide and the communications director of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow.
Marc Morano let me ask you you’re at a climate summit but you’re promoting fossil fuels I mean come on that’s like promoting Budweiser as an AAA meeting isn’t it why are you doing that?
Morano: ‘Well, you know it’s funny last year I had a cardboard cutout of Trump and the delegates here at the UN and the activists reacted as though they were vampires to a cross. (See: UN Armed Security Shuts Down Skeptics After SHREDDING UN Climate Treaty at Summit Next To Trump Cut-out) So I’m here because there’s no one else here to do it. President Trump’s message is one of sane energy policy and a rational scientific policy. The United States is leading the world by being opposed to the UN Paris agreement we are proudly standing alone. Goodbye Syria. Goodbye Nicaragua. The United States is doing it all alone. The way true leadership should be done.
Host: Senator Mike Barrett what’s interesting is that Marc Morano represents in the background Marc Morano represents the
view all…
Morano: “I got hecklers here in the background. in the media center.
Host: Oh I can hear —  no doubt.
Host: Marc Morano let me ask you what the fundamental driver of this is. I often go back to that 2012 tweet by Donald Trump
way he says that climate change is a Chinese hoax to destroy the US manufacturing industry. Do you like sincerely believe that
Morano: No in fact Donald Trump has said he was joking about that tweet. If you really want to know what Donald Trump’s views
on climate change are you would look right after the election in the New York Times editorial board meeting he actually talked about his uncle who was a scientist and the Climategate emails and his skepticism generally of the United Nations agenda and the consensus

The Chinese hoax thing was literally a joke to be in the agenda wise he may not have been joking — but he was joking with that tweet. The important thing here is Donald Trump stands with science. In the journal Nature almost every single industrialized country is not on track to meet the targets. See: Analysis in the journal Nature: ‘No major advanced industrialized country is on track to meet’ UN Paris pledges

Host: Okay that’s correct okay so let me ask you mark and before I bring the senator back in let me ask you forget I said enough there forget that people are failing to implement it in the way that you would like it to be implemented you you see it as the site kind of Leviathan trying to kind of take control of everybody’s energy policies park that aside for a second but doesn’t it give you pause for concern when 194 other countries have decided to go it another way they recognize that the earth is warming the climate is changing and that
we might be responsible for this and 97 percent of peer-reviewed studies suggest that this is the case when that happens don’t you think hey hold on maybe they are scientists who know better than I do when it comes to this thing?
Morano: No. First of all,  the 97% — you might get that result in a North Korean election — but you’re not getting that in the scientific community and that’s been proven to be nonsense. One of the UN scientists [Dr. Richard Tol] said it was actually pulled from thin air, the claim that 97% of scientists agree on global warming. The key here is even if we faced a climate catastrophe — what the UN has proposed would have no impact and the UN cannot legislate weather and climate. The senator here has said that carbon pricing is a single
most important thing we can do to fight global warming. Carbon pricing harkens back to the idea — Massachusetts had to deal
with this — the Witchcraft Trials — the ideas witches changed the weather — now they’re claiming SUVs and our coal plants control the weather.  Most of the judges were educated at Harvard as the Senator was as well.
Host: The 97% comes from a study from 1991 to 2011. 97% of peer-reviewed studies concluded that the climate is changing and we’re
responsible for it. These are not my words I didn’t pull it out of thin air. Let me bring in senator Mike Barrett to you that I didn’t put it out as any I used it and I’m and I’m sourcing it?
Morano: [crosstalk]
Senator: President Trump is walking away from 60 years of bipartisan Republican and Democratic commitment to the idea of the
U.S. leading but working in concert with the rest of the world that that desertion of that bipartisan consensus is nothing to make jokes about and it’s nothing to be proud of so mark what’s more likely that President Trump is right or Xi Jingping Emmanuel macron
Justin Trudeau Angela Merkel the UN chief and all of them are wrong you believe they’re all wrong…
Host: Are the world leaders are wrong?
Morano: “Not only are they wrong,  but even if they’re right what they’re proposing is meaningless [to the climate] and that’s the key, We have the former UN chief Christiana Figueres actually say we need a “centralized transformation” that “will make life on planet Earth very different for everyone.” See: Exclusive Video: Fmr. UN Climate Chief tries to laugh off her call for UN ‘centralized transformation’
That’s what Donald Trump is rejecting. The UN’s own leadership has called for this.
Host: With United Nations your feelings associated have called for this but that’s your fear of socialism what about the science that something’s happening to the planet and we need to do something right the science that something’s happening is
Morano: Carbon dioxide is not the control knob of the climate and even the United Nations scientists when they’re pressed start turning
against it you have people like Richard Tol and a whole series the United Nations scientists including Japanese scientists and other scientists, who’ve turned against the organization because it’s predetermined science. (See: UN Scientists Who Have Turned on the UN IPCC & Man-Made Climate Fears — A Climate Depot Flashback Report)
You only have about 50 or so scientists come out with the with the conclusion and then all the other scientists sociologists and non scientific disciplines — pile on. And you have the UN chief actually say Rajendra Pachauri global warming is my religion. He was the head of the UN science panel. People have a right to be skeptical of the nonsense that comes out of the United Nations.
Senator Barret: I want to make a point about Mark’s invocation of world government that’s a non-starter there isn’t a single nation here there may be a few folks running around the hallways but then Marc is running around the hallway to the government’s here don’t believe
you’re going to move sovereignty up from the national level they know that the u.s. is going to govern American affairs the countries around the world are going to govern there’s the question is whether sovereign governments can cooperate on a problem threatening the
entire planet we ought to be able to cooperate without sacrificing sovereignty when the President of the United States jeers at the idea of
cooperation that’s one bipartisan support ever since the 1940s we are in trouble but the truth is the because the US is a federal system the federal government doesn’t speak for us alone cities have a voice states have a voice we’re still in President Trump is out somehow we’re
managing to move ahead without him we miss him so much makes a move ahead without him yeah mark they made some changes in Massachusetts he didn’t turn into Animal Farm there isn’t this major you know they haven’t plunged everybody’s living standards back into an agrarian age right smart simple science-based policies why can’t you see that happening on a global scale well…
Morano: First of all,  you can have it you can have all sorts of energy policies and I’m not against wind and solar.  I always argue the day people can go to their local Walmart and buy a solar panel put it on their roof and get off the grid and tell the coal company and gas company to buzz off — that is the day this whole climate policy debate ends. It’s about the Senator selling his bill — I think it’s S 1821 — as the greatest effort to combat global warming that Massachusetts can do. It’s nonsense. EPA regulations don’t even affect global emission levels of co2. UN treaties don’t even affect significantly, affect it to the point where the temperature is even going to be affected a hundred years out according to peer-reviewed studies. So [the Senator’s carbon tax] policy of controlling the weather through carbon taxes is about as effective as the witch trials were in Massachusetts in the 16th and 17th centuries. A carbon tax is not going to affect climate or the weather but it’s the way he’s selling. It it’s scientifically incorrect to claim that Massachusetts can impact global temperature or weather.
Senator Mike Barrett: Well Marc,  I’m not going to hire you to write my press releases.  I can see we have a difference of opinion here . Although I want to give you a lot of credit for your eloquence even on behalf of something that is wrong headed. You are a gifted
communicator you’re sending out a message that has zero credibility though across the world.
Host: Marc,  I know you you feel a lot like I guess Galileo in front in front of the Inquisition in that building right now but has there
been anything that you’ve heard during your time in Bonn that has made you question your climate skepticism being a skeptic means that you should be skeptical of your skepticism as well as there being anything that has convinced you otherwise?
Morano: No. In fact I’ve come to most of these UN summits that come every year since 2002, when they had one it was the Earth
Summit in Johannesburg South Africa. No. Actually it’s the other way around. Listening to the UN proclamations, listening to the UN chief listening to them. They have actually stated —  the head of the IPCC the alleged science panel which is actually a political body that masquerades as science has actually said, wait until you see the next report —  it’ll be so alarming the world will have to act. That’s not the words of science that’s the words of politics trying to use science — masquerading as science to influence policy. See: Pre-Determined ‘Science’: Round Up of New UN IPCC Report: Human Extinction? IPCC at ‘beck and call’ of Govts – UN Officials Predicted Alarming Report Years Ago  &  UN IPCC Chair Rajendra Pachauri admits purpose of UN IPCC report it to make the case that ‘action is needed on climate change’
And every time I look behind the curtain here at the United Nations you get more and more skeptical — this is kind of like — this is
The Wizard of Oz and we pulled the curtain back the UN is a political body and this is all politics don’t mix it with actually having an impact on temperature climate weather. That’s where the nonsense comes in and I will point out senator Mike was actually educated at Harvard. Most of the judges during the Salem witch trial were also educated at Harvard when they were sentencing the women to death. So we’ve had incidences of this kind of silliness before that witch could control the weather. Now they think our SUVs control the weather. We have not advanced, sadly.
Host: Gentlemen I’ve got to move on I really enjoyed that and I appreciate you both taking the time to talk to us from the
summit a state senator in Massachusetts Mike Barrett and Marc Morano thank you very much for joining us on the
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