Climate Depot pranks Greenpeace at UN Summit — so they call the police

Watch: “Captain” Morano welcomes climate activists aboard the Greenpeace ship at the UN summit in Bonn, Germany.

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano at the Greenpeace ship in Bonn

By Craig Rucker – Executive Director – CFACT

BONN, Germany — Greenpeace docked one of their ships, the Beluga II, here in Bonn for the conference.   Marc donned the uniform of a ship’s officer and welcomed “climate hustlers” of all kinds aboard Greenpeace’s “diesel-powered climate propaganda boat.”  “Pandering politicians, green energy profiteers, power-hungry UN bureaucrats, and clueless climate activists,  Greenpeace has a berth for you,” Marc said, “Welcome aboard!”
While it has masts and sails, Beluga II powers along German rivers and canals under diesel power.  That’s not their only false flag. Greenpeace long ago abandoned environmentalism for Socialism.
Greenpeace campaigners were none too happy to have CFACT at their boat.  “You’ll have to leave and show us respect,” they said.  “Respect?!”  we laughed.  “Last night Greenpeace occupied a German power plant,” we replied.  “Greenpeace never respects anyone.” Will you promise Greenpeace will be respectful to others from now on?” we inquired.  This short circuited their wiring.



Skeptic pranks Greenpeace at UN Climate Conference (so they call the police)


Last year’s UN Climate Change Conference took place right after Donald Trump was elected president, and attendee Marc Morano of got in trouble for celebrating, and wearing his red “MAGA” hat.

This year, Marc is back, and he decided to have some fun with the Greenpeace “sailboat” I told you about earlier.

Greenpeace has gotten rich through their sometimes destructive “stunts” around the world — and rarely get charged with a crime — but they weren’t amused when Marc tried to give them a taste of their own medicine…


Greenpeace threatens to call police on The Rebel for filming them

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