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Hollywood film promotes shrinking humans to fight climate change – Echoes other calls to reduce size of people By Graeme Virtue Thursday 19 October 2017 07.18 EDT In the forthcoming Downsizing, Oscar-winning writer-director Alexander Payne imagines a near future where eco-conscious Norwegians have developed a sci-fi shrink-ray that can zap people, such as stressed everyman Matt Damon, down to just five inches in height. Everything about this growing community of nu-Lilliputians is smaller – particularly their […]

Polar Bears Are Literally Holding Russian Town of 600 Hostage

CHRIS WHITE Energy Reporter A large group of aggressive polar bears are holding 600 people hostage in a small coastal town in Russia after feasting on the dead carcasses of a nearby colony of walruses. Local officials believe the polar bears, a specie known for its intelligence, forced hundreds of walruses to jump off 125ft […]