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Global Warming Madness: ‘A Lot Of Pain For No Gain’ – Climate Claims ‘threatening our ability to turn on lights & air conditioners is being exposed as a con’

Global Warming Madness: A Lot Of Pain For No Gain

Finally the green madness that’s threatening our ability to turn on the lights and airconditioners is being exposed as a con. Global temperatures have risen nowhere near the rate at which even the most conservative models predicted, and finally a group of warmist scientists have admitted same in the Nature Geoscience journal last month. Bear in mind the current mess Australia finds itself in with regards to power generation and business-killing high prices is a result of blindly following these flawed models. What’s worse is that sceptics have been saying for years the models were wrong, and these people were not only ignored but savaged by warmists, Labor, The Greens and the media. Don’t hold your breath for an apology from these attack dogs though, that’s never been their style. Even in Queensland, the story broke this week about the Labor government: “Households and businesses face being told to set their airconditioners to 26C and having power to some hot water systems and pool pumps switched off to save the state from blackouts this summer.” All because green groups have bluffed politicians into throwing the rest of the population under the bus in a misguided belief we can reverse the world’s temperatures. The folly of this madness was exposed by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott in a speech this week to the Global Warming Policy Foundation. He said: “Even if reducing emissions is necessary to save the planet, our effort… is barely-better-than-futile because Australia’s total annual emissions are exceeded by just the annual increase in China’s.” So due to global warming alarmism, Australia has sacrificed a huge competitive edge of some of the lowest power prices in the world, to now having among the highest. And yet all this pain and billions of dollars to cut emissions will have absolutely no effect on global climate. Full post

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