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‘We’ve had bigger storms’: Trump says Harvey & Irma haven’t changed his stance on ‘climate change’

By Jason Silverstein – Daily News

Two monster storms aren’t enough for President Trump to budge on climate change.

On his way back from the hurricane-ravaged Florida on Thursday, Trump assured that Hurricane Irma and Tropical Storm Harvey haven’t changed his skepticism about the consequences of climate change.

“We’ve had bigger storms,” Trump told reporters on Air Force One.

epaselect epa06182074 Amas Francis removes insulation and debris from his son's home that was flooded by rains from Hurricane Harvey in the Hunterwoods Village neighborhood of Houston, Texas, USA, 03 September 2017. Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the south coast of Texas as a major hurricane category 4. The last time a major hurricane of this size hit the United States was in 2005.  EPA/TANNEN MAURY

Hurricane Harvey lashes Texas as it makes landfall

Ironically, when Harvey hit, Trump proclaimed on Twitter that it “looks like largest ever (storm) recorded in the Atlantic” and that “many people” were saying it “is the worst storm/hurricane they have ever seen.”

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The White House stated earlier this week that the mighty gusts of Irma and Harvey hadn’t inspired any apparent change in Trump’s stance. EPA chief Scott Pruit, another climate change skeptic, said it was “insensitive” to discuss the issue as Irma rained down.