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‘Three Category 5 hurricanes have made landfall in the U.S. since 1924’

NYT: No, Hurricane Irma Won’t Be a ‘Category 6’ Storm By MAGGIE ASTOR – SEPT. 6, 2017 “The scale was developed 1 to 5,” Joel Myers, the founder and president of AccuWeather, said in an interview Tuesday evening. “When you develop a scale 1 to 5, there can’t be any Category 6.” The purpose of […]

Claim: ‘Hurricane Irma’s epic size is being fuelled by global warming’

By Michael Le Page It’s a monster. As the eye of Hurricane Irma approached the tiny island of Barbuda this morning, wind speeds soared to 250 kph before the instrument broke. At the time of writing, all contact with the island had been lost and it is unclear how the 1600 inhabitants have fared. But already […]

‘Bloomberg News: Hurricane Irma Made Worse by Climate Change, Scientists Say’

Climate change didn’t cause Hurricane Irma, the most powerful storm to form in the open Atlantic Ocean, but did make it much stronger, scientists in Germany and the U.K. said. Irma made landfall in the Caribbean early Wednesday and barreled toward Puerto Rico on a path that may bring it ashore in Florida and destroy […]

Researchers: Abrupt climate change in Southern Hemisphere linked to volcanic eruptions in Antarctica

A. Escover Curated byShawn Lealos Published on: 5 September 2017 Researchers believe that there’s a link between volcanic eruptions and abrupt climate change in the Southern Hemisphere. Image Source: Pixabay Massive #Volcanic Eruptions in Antarctica over the period of 192 years could have caused the accelerated climate change in the Southern Hemisphere. The findings were from the new study conducted by […]