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CNN/WaPo: ‘All The Studies’ Prove ‘Climate Change’ Is Real


August 30, 2017


On Wednesday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Alisyn Camerota, and The Washington Post’s Jason Samenow hyped “climate change” as a driver of environmental catastrophe with respect to Hurricane Harvey.

“Climate change” is a left-wing euphemism for anthropogenic global warming (AGW), a narrative framing human burning of fossil fuels as a significant shaper of global temperatures. Its proponents warn of ecological catastrophe in the absence of a significant reduction in human burning of fossil fuels.

Cuomo teed up the segment by framing Samenow as prescient: “Our next guest predicted more intense storms. He wrote this in The Washington Post back in March.”

Samenow framed the AGW narrative as scientifically sound:

Obviously the warm water spurred by climate change played a role here… I think global warming intensified this storm.

I think if you look at all the evidence which is out there, and if you look at all the studies in the scientific literature, there is a clear and unambiguous signal that there is an anthropogenic component to this warming, and that is likely to increase. …

We’re going to see that human signal on the climate system continue to grow as long as we increase greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, where we see continued warming, and there’s gonna be more potential for these storms to blow up and be even more intense in future decades.

Powerful hurricanes, said Cuomo, are becoming more frequent, suggesting a linkage to the AGW narrative: “Hundred year storms happen like, every other year, now… It seems that [Louisianians on the Gulf Coast are] underwater, almost every year, now.”

Cuomo hyped “climate change” in his closing of the segment: “This climate change discussion, and how these matters are getting worse, that matters.”

Camerota concurred with Cuomo’s assessment: “Absolutely, and you hear scientists connecting [“climate change” and Hurricane Harvey].”