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Morano on Steve Bannon out at WH: ‘This is bad news for climate skeptics’

Marc Morano, publisher of Climate Depot and former Senior Staff, U.S. Senate Environment & Public Works Committee:

Steve Bannon was a key climate skeptic in the Administration pushing President Trump to keep his pledge to withdraw from the UN Paris climate pact. Bannon’s voice overruled other members of the Administration like Rex Tillerson, Gary Cohen and Ivanka Trump on climate policy.

Bannon served as Trump’s ear to the grass roots and helped him battle the inevitable forces of the Washington establishment that pressure every president to back away from campaign promises that DC insiders are uncomfortable with.

Make no mistake, no other GOP candidate or president would have acted on climate policy with the decisiveness that Trump has done. Not President George H.W. Bush, or a Bob Dole or a George W. Bush or a John McCain or a Mitt Romney. Bannon was able to stare down the usual pressure of Washington politics and influence Trump to go against the grain by dismantling Obama’s climate policies.

Bannon departure will leave a void at the White House that will likely be filled by someone more accommodating to the DC Establishment. And that is bad news for climate skeptics. He will be missed.”